SELL 22,000 Imperial Gallon Bladder Tank

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Jul 04, 2015 GMT
22,00 Imperial gallon, 100,000 Liter Bladder tanks also known as collapsible tanks and Pillow tanks. Come in various sizes from 500 Gallons ( 1892 Liters ) to 211,336 US Gallons, ( 800,000 Liters ). Very economical in labor set up with easy handling. If they are used for temporary storage, they can be folded back up and reused in other areas. Numerous applications are: Potable water, Grey water, Fuel storage, Chemical storage, Wine storage, Plant and animal oils, Enviromental disasters. Spill recovery. Remote area locations. All Bladder tanks can be made of various material to suit your needs from rainwater ( PVC ) To fuel Grade ( TPU ) with your options of different fitting locations and all are built to client specifications