we want fiber cement board of the following spec for 6mm 8 mm and 10 mm thikness for the cnf bandar abbas in chinese yuan only paid 100% by sight l/c
please send your price list and catalog

Product Name : Fiber Cement Board
Material properties: cement, fiber, quartz sand and etc.
Color: Grey
Density: 1.25g /cm3 1.35g /cm3
Standard size: 1220mmx2440mm
Thickness: 4mm-30mm
Tolerance on length: +-3mm
Tolerance on width: +-3mm
Tolerance on thickness: +/- 0.3mm
Surface appearance: +/-0.1%
Bending strength: Transverse≥11.0N/mm3 Vertical≥8.5N/mm3
Pressure strength: 30 N/mm2
Tensile strength: 10 N/mm2
Water content: ≤10%
Water absorption ratio: ≤40%
Linear expansion rate: 0.1%
Fire resistance: Incombustibility A1 glass, conforming to GB 8624-A and British standard 476: Part 20
Frost resistance: No crack after 25times cycle of Frost test
Water impermeability: No water mark on the opposite side after 24H test
Modulus of rupture texture/ flat: No
Release of asbestos: 100% No-asbestos
Radioactivity: Conforming to GB6566-2001 A Class
Release of other dangerous substance: No, Green product
Thermal conductivity coefficient: Average≤0.20W/Mk
Moister in storage: moisture proof
Packing: wooden pallet
-3)Product Features:
Fire resistant:
It is Flame Resistant to Combustion at 800 and Remains Flameless at 1200.
Non-Flammability: Grade A
Weather resistant:
Resistant to Deformation in Wet, Hot and Dry Conditions.
They can be used at -40 degree. Out of Shape Rate in the Condition of Wet or Dry is 0.26%.
Water and Damp Proof:
The board still keeps Intact after being soaked in Water for One Month, the Phenomenon of Swelling and
Out of Shape will Not Happen.
It will NOT Disintegrate when Immersed in Water or Exposed to Freeze/Thaw Cycles for Prolonged
Periods of Time.
Bug & Mildew free:
After tests under ASTM G-21, this board has been found to be Non-Nutrient to Mold, Fungus Growth or
Insect Life.
After Inspection by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials
(NFTC) it has been found that the Superior Sound Insulation Factor of a Wall built from the board ranges
between 44dB and 47 Db.
In addition to being a great Sound insulator, This board benefits from having a Low Thermal Conductivity
of 0.216 W/Mk which makes it a superior Heat Insulator.
Environmentally Friendly:
This Environmentally Friendly board is manufactured from a unique blend of Mineral Components, and
does NOT contain any Toxic ingredients, Asbestoes, Formaldehyde or Ammonia
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