Buyers of D2 and Jet fuel (bulk) CIF Europe/Asia/America

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Country/Region: NigeriaNigeria
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We are importers rep for Aviation fuel(JP54) and D2(low sulphur 0.02-0.2) and want a contract immediately.
Price is platt - $16/$12 G/N (D2)-negotiable
JP54 price platt less $0.45/0.40 G/N
The ICPO with banking details of buyer D2 with me and signed contract of JP54 with me.
Want seller's to respond immediately with FCO and contract(Signed. Order of D2 200000-500000MT and JP54 20-30mbbls per month * 5yrs.
Optional Information
- Payment : DLC against 2% PB
- Delivery : CIF
- Origin : Russia
- Minimum Order : 200,000MT $ 20mbbls
- Packaging : Bulk
- Inspection : SGS or equivalent
- Samples : Not Avaliable
- Remarks : Bulk purchase for up to 5-6years on a monthly basis revolving against 2%PB from top world banks.