TCS(Trade Cost Simulation) User Guide

You can simply select, or enter 6 categories of information in above screen, and press Enter button. Details are as below:
  • You need to select departure and arrival countries to use this system. Otherwise, the simulation may not be properly operated.
  • Departure country(export) and arrival country(import) should be different because it's all about international trade.
  • You can basically select major 4 countries we're dealing with(Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan), and about countries other than these, you can simply click OTHER, and then select continent and country in option box.
  • Selecting country is a very important step affecting almost all aspects of simulation results, such as customs duty, logistics, regulations, process, etc.
  • Under TCS program, one of departure and arrival country should be the one of Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan. Otherwise, the simulation will not be operated. In a near future, we'll deal with more countries.

Trade Cost Simulation