TCS(Trade Cost Simulation) Service Information

TCS is an acronym for Trade Cost Simulation.
  • TCS pursues the value that our slogan <One Shot, Get All> is representing.
  • TCS is a world's first program providing digitalized international trade business, which is actually quite complicated in an easy mode.
  • TCS provides access to custom-made information, not an array of verbose information.
  • TCS is a 5-year long project by concerted efforts of experts from full range of fields and countries, and eventually came to the light.
  • TCS retains extensive database containing at least 10 million pieces of info by country-by-country basis.
  • TCS rapidly updates up-to-date information on a daily basis by closely monitoring the change in institutions in order to maintain information freshness.
  • TCS obtained a software patent for its unprecedented uniqueness and availability.

Trade Cost Simulation