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Patent Product Sandpaper laminating machine

Patent Product Sandpaper laminating machine1) The feeding mechanism adopts the magnetic powder brake to ensure feeding under the constant tension . 2) The sandpaper roll shall be put at the core of the pneumatic expanding shaft. When it is aerated , ...

Sponge Sandpaper OEM Series

On the of basic of producing sanding sponge & abrasive paper, OEM brand iswelcome to customize the product size, particle size and abrasive surfaceas required, and all the sandpapers could be back velvet and ungummed. According to the grinding & ...

Abrasive belt

3M Trizact sanding belt Model Number:3M Material:3M Trizact Usage:surface repair, polishing, grinding Abrasive grit:A5,A6,A16,A20,A30,A45,A65,A1001, all selected by the precision of sand, very sharp 2, sandpaper plant by way of static electricity, so ...

Potato Peeler

Potato peeler adopts the technology of centrifugal principle and peeling. The inner of this Potato Peeler is the dis-mountable sandpaper ,and it is more easy for maintenance and clean. This Potato Peeler has high working efficiency. The main parts are ...

Factory flap disc booding glue for abrasive cloth

Single component epoxy adhesive for flap disc production1. Excellent adhesion on abrasive cloth, ceramics,sandpaper,fiberglass, circuit board and so on. 2. Heat-resistant; Can work under the temperature of 160-200. 3. Good toughness; can bear the ...

Four -wheel Electric Skateboard, Hoverbord kids electric scooter

1.Be brave yo be yourself, start with falling in love with a skateboard. 2.Max speed is 20 KM/H 3.Powerful Li-ion Battery 4.High density anti-slip sandpaperFeatures: 1. Fashionable design 2. High quality lithium rechargeable battery inside with long ...

abrasive roll/abrasive cloth roll/abrasive sandpaper

We are a professional and long standing manufacturer in China with long history in coated abrasives-Yuli Group. Our company is dealing with coated abrasives, selling all kinds of abrasive roll, cloth roll and paper roll, zirconia, silicon carbide, ...

Turnstile Gate

All turnstile models are space efficient security barriers, with a compact design, yet offer sufficient space to integrate any access control system. They can be mounted with display, passage counter, card reader, token operation, traffic lights, ...

Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide (SIC) is smelted with quartz sand, petroleum coke or (coal), sawdust as raw materials by high temperature resistance furnace. There are SiC existing in rare mineral, Moissanite. Silicon carbide is also called Moissanite. In ...

Sell Sanding Belts

An abrasive belt is used in woodworking and metal work. The abrasive belt is often referred to as a sanding belt or sandpaper belt and is used to smooth out a rough surface finish. In many instances, the abrasive belt might be used to actually shape a ...

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Sanding Sponge From Zhuhai Shangli Factory

Sanding Sponge From Zhuhai Shangli Factory

It has the characteristics of fine surface, high sharpness, superior wear resistance, fast desquamation etc. With the thickness of 5mm to make it full of elasticity and toughness, and the fine surface is not so easy to scratch products. No matter .....
Date: Jul 20, 2016

wholesale price of abrasive velcro psa disc sandpaper disc

We are a professional and long standing manufacturer in China with long history in coated abrasives-Yuli Group. Our company is dealing with coated abrasives, selling of abrasive belt, abrasive roll, sanding paper, sanding cloth, velcro/PSA disc, .....
High zro2 zirconium oxide for abrasive belt and sandpaper

High zro2 zirconium oxide for abrasive belt and sandpaper

Abrasive grade zirconia aluminum oxide/za is produced by putting rich aluminum, zirconium materials and additives in electic furances, smelting with high temperatureabove 2000 degrees Celsius,cooling down with special technology, and compacting with .....
Date: Mar 17, 2015
Category: Hardware | Abrasives

sell waterproof abrasive sandpaper

Aluminum oxide waterproof sandpaper sheet Features: Premium Aluminum Oxide Grain Waterproof backing C or D_wt kraft paper, latex paper available Closed-coating for more material removal Benefits: Fast cutting Prevent loading Use wet or dry .....
Date: Jun 26, 2013
Category: Hardware | Abrasives
Rubber Abrasion Tester

Rubber Abrasion Tester

This machine is used to test the wear extent of mixed material of sulfur rubber or other rubber, such as soles, heels, etc. Place test piece on the test machine, add a certain load in order to rotate rubbing specimen of sandpaper, and check its .....
Date: Oct 10, 2016


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Zhuhai Shangli Abrasive Co., Ltd

Zhuhai Shangli Abrasive Co., Ltd is a collection of R & D, production, sales for the integration of high-tech industry company who specializes in polishing products of metal & mirror surface, included sponge sandpapers, abrasive sheets, ceramic ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Yancheng Xiehe Machinery Co, .Ltd

Yancheng Xiehe Machinery Co.,Ltd located in Yancheng of Jiangsu Province .It has bee engaging in the shoeing making machine, ultrasonic machine and clothing machine for more than 20 years. Our main products are included all kinds laminating ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Shangyu Coated Abrasives Co., Ltd

We are manufacture and professional at coated abeasive many years. So we have the full experence at this field. Our mainly product is emery cloth, waterproof sandpaer, wet and dry sandpaepr, in roll, sheet, disc. etc. With so many years experence, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Category: Hardware | Abrasives

Pingdingshan Maliang Abrasive Co., Ltd.

Pingdingshan Maliang Abrasive Co., Ltd. is located in Pingdingshan City. We are 30 kilometers away from Jia County Industrial Park and are close to Zheng Jia Yao County, S231 Provincial Highway and NO. S238 Provincial Highway.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Category: Hardware | Abrasives


S.A.D.S.Industrial Co.,Ltd is a national high technological corporate dealing with the research,production and sale of coated abrasive. It has been honored with "Scientific and technological innovation in the top ten enterprises" and "the most ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Category: Hardware | Abrasives

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Backing Paper for Abrasives

We are looking for European manufacturer of paper that can be used for production of abrasive paper (sandpaper). We need paper in widths 960mm and 1450mm and weights: 150 grams per square meter, 220 grams per square meter, 270-300 grams per square.....
Czech Republic

high voltage power supplier

I need one high voltage power supplier 0 to 7o kv and 20mA for our electrostatic sand applicator machine for manufacturing flexiable coated abrasives( sandpaper or sandcloth).
Parand Naghsh