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Wild Grain Supply (WGS) DMCC based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our customers are our biggest priority. WGS DMCC takes pride on its commitment to quality, customer focused strategies and international alliances. . The company has marked its ...
United Arab Emirates
Category: Food & Beverage | Fish
United Arab Emirates

frozen horse Mackerel,tuna,tilapia,shrimps

Horse Mackerel : 6-9 count, 20% glaze, 10kg carton.Rohu: 800-4000g, back/belly gutted, various glazes, 20kg cartons. Horse Mackerel : 1-2/2-4/4-6, whole round, various glazes, 10kg cartons. Milkfish : 300-800g, whole round, various glazes, 10kg ...

Rohu back gutted

All Types of fish are available
Category: Agriculture | Fish

frozen black tilapia & Rohu Thailand

frozen tilapia fish WR tilapia fish and fillet fishsize 2/300 ,3/500 and 5/800

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sell cuttlefish ,Red & blackTilapia ,Rohu fish thailand ,koi ,catfish,putti,other fresh water fish

We are seafood & surimi factory ,importer and exporter in Thailand ,Vietnam ,Indonesia+ Japan . our mainly products is ,imitation crab stick,Crab meat,VM shrimp,BT shrimp ,cuttlefish ,tilapia ,Rohu ,catfish ,seafood mix,octopus and Other fish . .....
Date: Apr 16, 2015

fish, frozen grouper, frozen silver pomfret,hilsa fish,sardin,ribbon ,ell ,queenfish,fish,fish,salmo

fish,frozen grouper,frozen silver pomfret,hilsa fish,sardin,ribbon ,ell ,queenfish,fish,fish,salmon,tuna,mackerel,tilapia,anguilla,lobster,emperor,rohu,catfish,red snapper,frog leg,cuttlefish, we offer various seafood products such as .....
Date: Jul 19, 2015
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Sell frozen black tilapia,red tilapia,cuttlefish,catfish,Rohu gutted fish Thailand

We are seafood factory and exporter in thailand,korea and Japan . our mainly products is black tilapia ,red tilapia fish,Rohu back gutted or belly gutted ,cuttlefish ,catfish ,octopus ,BT shrimp & vanamei shrimp and other fresh fish . HACCP and .....
Date: Dec 22, 2013

Frozen Rohu Fish

We are exporting marine products and agricultural products from Myanmar to all countries. Frozen Rohu fish, frozen Hilsa fish, all kinds of beans and all kinds of rice are available at our company.
Rohu Fish Provider

Rohu Fish Provider

Rohu Back Gutted Fish that is mostly used in iraq.
Date: Nov 01, 2009
Category: Agriculture | Fish


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De NTM Traders

We are Manufacturer/Exporter of Turmeric Finger,Red Kidny Bean , White Kidney Bean, Green Mung Bean, Matpe Whole,Gram White(Burma Qabuli),Daal Channa,Daal Mash,Daal Mung,Pungash fish,Rohu Fish ,Kapla Fish,And BambooIf you have any inquiry please contact
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Agent

JL Chilled Fish House

JL Chilled Fish House is an Exporter of Whole Chilled Sea and Fresh Water Fish, Sun Dried Shark Fins, Fish Maws.
Business Type: Exporter, Agent
Category: Agriculture | Seafood

Omoshiroi Trading & Factory Co, Ltd

We are seafood factory and exporter & importer in Thailand ,Vietnam and Japan . our mainly products sell is VM shrimp ,BT shrimp,Tilapia ,Rohu,cuttlefish ,catfish and Other fish . Also supply seafish from Japan like scallops ,mackerel ,tuna ... Also ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer
Category: Agriculture | Fish


Singapore registered company,process different types of seafood in Myanmar.We process Black Pomfret, White Pomfret, Ribbon Fish, Spanish Mackerel ( King Fish ), Hilsa, Rohu, Snapper, Lobster and Sea Pink Shrimps.We can provide both Frozen and
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Omoshiroi Trading Co, Ltd

We are seafood factory and exporter in Thailand. Our mainly products is tilapia ,cuttlefish ,Rohu ,shrimp and other fish.HACCP and EU approved . location of factory (Mahachai).
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Agent, Others