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pure natural fresh red worms Freeze dried Bloodworm

Protein 69.3%, Crude fiber 8.3% Crude fat 6.2%,moisture 5% 1, Selection pure natural fresh red worms, Strict cleaning, sterilization, remove the harmful bacteria in vivo red worms and unwanted organisms. Quick freezing and vacuum drying process, fully ...

Ga Red Worm Castings

Ga Red Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer Is 100% All NaturalIt Will Not Burn Non Toxic and Chemical Free. It's Good For All Plants Indoor And Outdoor.

99% purity raw material powder Flubendazole

Flubendazole 31430-15-6 CAS No.: 31430-15-6 Purity: 99% min MF: C16H12FN3O3 Description Flubendazole 1. CAS. 31430-15-6 2. Largest suppliers in China 3. Best quality and most competitive price 4. Professional service Characteristics and applications ...


Matrine has been widely used on vegetables, fruits, tea, tobacco and so on, it has high efficacy against aphid, cabbage worm, army worm, red spider, mite etc. on dilution of 800-1000 times. In addition, we should also pay attention to the efficacy of ...

Squeeze ET skeleton toy

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High Quality Veterinary Ivermectin CAS 70288-86-7

Product Name Ivermectin CAS NO 70288-86-7 EINECS 274-536-0 Molecular Formula C95H146O28 Molecular Weight 1736.15894 Appearance White Powder Purity 96% Grade Veterinary Grade Ivermectin is a medication that is effective against many types of ...

5% Pyrethrin OL, biopesticide, botanic insecticide, organic, natural

Extracted from Natural Plant Pyrethrums Effective Ingredient: natural pyrethrins >5% Characteristic: pyrethrins single active botanical insecticide; effective control on aphides. Target: aphid, whitefly, green worm, caterpillar, and red spider etc. ...


Features: high efficiency, contact/stomach type. Target Crops: apple trees, vegetable, cotton Control Target:peach fruit borer, red spider, diamond back moth, cabbage butterfly, cotton bollworm, pink worm, red spider 92%TC,20%EC,10%EC

France T253 Herbal Sexual Enhancer Pills

France T253 is an approved product specially formulated for erection dysfunction, sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, fatigue etc. It's able to activate the growth factor of adrenal PDA dilute and replenish semen, thus bringing multiple injections ...

100mm/ 2.9g/fastsinking/wholesale soft plastic fishing lure worm

Place of Origin: Shangdong,China(Mainland) Brand: Top Fishing Model number: W05B Type: Worm Color: Dark green/Breen/Deep red/Purple Lengtth: 130MM Weight: 4.4g Action: fast sinking OEM:yes Package: zip bag Material: PVC plastic MOQ:10 pieces Delivery ...

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red worm (lumbricus rubellus)

Sell red worms (lumbricus rubellus/ Litter Worm/ Wigglers) origin Indonesia. Fresh from our farms.
Date: Feb 23, 2015
Category: Agriculture | Worm

water ionizer

ACTIVE ELECTROLYTIC WATER IS: Use activated carbon, Pp cotton, non-woven fabrics, activated carbon carrying silver and doughnut fiber as filter bed, so as to eliminate sediment load, iron rust, red worm, peculiar smell, residual chlorine, along .....

Frozen Eisenia Fetida worms

We are offering big, healthy, rich in proteins, frozen Califonian worms, perfectly suited for fish and chicken feed. Contact us for the best price qoutation.
Date: Jan 27, 2015

Squeeze Skull Ball

White skull with white worm and little red water filled Squeeze skull horror ball and unimaginable horrors "creep" out of the eyeball, come to lofe, drip with bloodlike droplets, let to, and the inside slowly retract inside the skull. .....
Date: Dec 9, 2015

Worms fishing bait

Dear friends! We are looking for partners to export "red sea worms live". Products are exploited in Vietnam, we have many types, quality guarantee, competitive price. Your needs please contact us. Mobiphone: +84978392903 .....
Date: Nov 23, 2009


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Ga Red Worm Castings

Ga Red Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer 100% All Natural Great For Indoor and outdoor Plants. Will not Burn Non Toxic No chemicals.
Business Type: Manufacturer
United States

Dotchain CTD..,

Exploiting Our company specialized all kinds sea worms of Vietnam and processing, packaging for export to countries around the world. Ensure quality, diverse categories and prices are very competitive. Your needs please contact us. And we will create
Business Type: Manufacturer

Eco Solo

Company Eco Solo is a grower of Red Californian worms - Eisenia Fetida and producer of peat substrates based on biohumus (organic soil improver). We have Californian worms for sale and also we are offering natural, professionally prepared, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Category: Agriculture | Peat


One of major activities of ''Telluris-Medin'' is the production of humus of the Californian Red Worm, a highly nutritious organic fertilizer, which is used to treat all kinds of field crops and to enable pure ecological growth.
Business Type: Manufacturer

Weifang Weiyi CO.LTD

Blood worms, mysis, brine shrimp, rotifer, daphnia, tubifex, earthworm, red shrimp, gammarus, grasshopper, mealworms, polychaete, cricket, shrimp meat, krill, silkworm pupae.
Business Type: Manufacturer