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Lutetium Oxide-Lu2O3

Lutetium Oxide CAS NO:12032-20-1 Mol Fm:Lu2O3 Properties:White powder, insoluble in water, soluble in mineral acids Packing:Plastic drum inner with plastic bag. Net weight 25 kg Storage:Keep sealed and store in dry and cool places Applications:As an ...

Garnet Sand

Garnet(G) It's specific gravity is 3.96g/cm3,the main inner structure is crystallized iron and aluminum. Suitable for free lapping or being used for making organic bonded abrasive tools, sandblasting,water jet cutting, Water Filtration Media etc,play ...

media blasting garnet

rough raw garnets for the sand blasting and abrasives industrygarnet rough gemstonesgarnet for the abrasives industryabrasives,sanding,media blasting for ships and metals

Good Hardness Mineral Garnet

Product introduction A kind of good hardness mineral that has been used as a gemstone and abrasive. We've been supplying our garnet to so many countries in the field of resin & coated abrasive, sandblasting, waterjet cutting ect.Garnet is a group ...

Brown Fused Alumina

Brown Fused Alumina(BFA),also calleded Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide,Brown Aluminum Oxide or Brown Corundum,named by its mainly brown color, is an artificial electro fused corundum obtained from reduced fusion of high quality bauxite together with other ...

Garnet abrasive

Garnet abrasive blast cleaning of steel structure, hull and bridge;Waterjet cutting of metal, stone and glass etc;1. The average chemical composition SiO2-----------38% Al2O3------------19% FeO-----------------22% Fe2O3----------------3% ...

Garnet for waterjet cutting

GARNET Description Product Name: Garnet ,also named Almandine, or Greenlandite (1) Specific Density: 4.13 g/cm3 (2) Melting Point: 1200-1300 oC (3) Mohs Hardness: 7.9 (4) Size: 8-220 mesh Advantages: Our garnet has good characteristics of making ...

self-cleaning iron sand suspend permanent magnetic separator iron sand suspend permanent magnetic se

Permanent magnetic separator RCYD strong permanent magnetic self-unload iron remover Adopting the rare earth material NdFeB as the magnetic source, it features with reliable function, unique magnetic circuit, strong magnetic force, and high magnetic ...

Magnet Separator/Magnetic Separator Manufacturer/Magnetic Separation

High Gradient Magnetic Separator Introduction:High gradient magnetic separator in our country is mainly of electromagnetic type. And it has many advantages, like high concentration ratio and recovery ratio, wide range of the sorting size, the ...

Flowers 1 Gemstone Painting 7-3-3

Flowers 1 Gemstone Painting 7-3-3 Painting Size: 34 x 42 cm Frame Size: 44 x 52 cm Weight: 458 grs Materials: 100% precious and semi-precious natural raw gemstones such as: sapphire, topaz, quartz, opal, Aquamarine, Peridot, Tektite, Garnet, ...

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garnets for media blasting

garnets for media blasting

raw media blasting garnet ,one more quality product from tawakal gemstones own mines selling by the tonne 150 $
Date: Aug 10, 2011
Terbium oxide

Terbium oxide

Name: Terbium oxide Description: Black brown powder Usage: Used as an activator for fluorescent materials, and an inclusion for garnet and raw material for terbium metal. Packing: 50kg metal drum, inner plastic bag. Or base on customer's .....
Date: Jun 03, 2014
Category: Chemicals | Oxide
garnet abrasive

garnet abrasive

INTRODUTION: Garnet sand is a natural almandine garnet The seven main application of Garnet as follows for your reference: 1.Sandblasting 2.Grinding / Abrasive Material 3.Best Raw Material Of Colophony Grinding Tools 4.Stuffing For Several.....
Terbium oxide

Terbium oxide

Commodity: Terbium oxide Formula: Tb4O7 Appearance: Black brown powder purity: 99.95%~99.995% TREO: >99% Impurities: Below the national standard Use: Used as an activator for fluorescent materials, and an inclusion for garnet and raw.....
For urgent sale

For urgent sale

Raw and Polished Garnet stones are available Size: 1.5 cm x 1 cm Color: Orange
Date: Dec 07, 2008


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[no Company Name, Private Claim]

We are a small group of miner/prospectors who are selling what we are finding on our claim. We have access to large deposits of citrine, garnets, and saphires; and smaller deposits of rubies, and emeralds... so far. We are currently in our ...

Vineland Heritage International

I am a dealer in raw or processed gemstones and precious stones ranging from Tanzanite, Green Garnet, Blue Sapphire, Gold, Diamonds and a host of others available in East & Central Africa. I am looking for inerested buyers from Europe, Japan, Israel, US
Business Type: Distributor

Eleanor International Industry Development Company Limited

exporting raw material of abrasive and refractories with good quality and low price in china. Contact me, let's talk details.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

ARauf Natural Gemstones & Minerals

We are mines-owner company in gemstones i.e. Agate - Imperial Jade - Tourmaline. We also deal in cut/uncut Emerald - Ruby - Saphire - Agate - Jade - Lapis Luzuli etc. We have industrial minerals from mine querry of Snow white Quartz - Mica/Garnet Schist
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer