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Ionic Skin Care System, DeepSkin

Mask sheet in the cosmetics industry has shown significant growth and is prospected to grow bigger from exporting overseas. As overall, the awareness of skin care became common, so there has been increase in demands for mask sheets or beauty home ...

Best Skin Care Whitening Face Cream

Best Skin Care Face Whitening Cream has a combination of natural ingredients with tender action that whitens the face.Nourish skins and keep the skins moisturizing.Sufficient absorption of the essence elements makes skin elastic and fair. Packaging ...

Powder Form Pure Hyaluronic Acid Products Skin Care For Anti - Aging

Powder Form Pure Hyaluronic Acid Products Skin Care For Anti - Aging Description Hi-Tech focus on producing Hi-Technology Hyaluronic Acid/Sodium Hyaluronate Powder in affordable price, prompt delivery. What is hyaluronic acid ? Hyaluronic acid(HA) is ...

100% Natural Pure Fish Collagen Skin Care Cosmetic&Medical Grade Fish Collagen Powder Fish Scale Col

Type:Fish Scale Collagen Powder Source:Fish Color:White Ingredients:Collagen Certification:GMP.KOSHER,ISO Packaging:Bag,drum Place of Origin:Hunan, China (Mainland) Brand Name:WWB Model Number:Fish Scale Collagen Powder Product name:Pure Fish Collagen ...

Derma Science Set #4-2

Entirely different approach of Professional Skin care 1. Contains Anti-oxidant substance - PLX-SA, a key ingredient of the Derma Science cosmetic line, forms a skin protection layer, helps protect skin from the harmful environment, and increases skin ...

Itchi Care Cream

Itchi Care Cream Description: Being a anti-itching and anti-fungal 100% Ayurvedic cream Itchi Care Cream is the most entrusted in its segment. A unique and exquisite combination of selected 7 Skin Care Herbs like Tankankhar, Sandal Oil, Baniyan Tree, ...


Guangzhou shuangcheng biological technology co., LTD. Is located in the famous historical and cultural city- Guangzhou, the south of China, one of the famous port city in the world ,which is economic , financial trade, culture, science , technology ...

Perfect fair-skinneds white late frost

Night sleep the whole night with continuing professional beauty care skin. "OERDF ORR she fu" perfect fair-skinneds white late frost, whitening pale spot, repel dark heavy, insist to use can help skin white and tender, like a white porcelain. The ...

Green Ingredients for Moisturizing Cream

TINPHY is a manufacturing and distribution company supplies Green Ingredients for personal care. We include a wide range of Green Ingredients of Silicone, Carbomer, Active, Surfactant, Moisturizer and Oil.Our Green Ingredients are popularly used in ...

99% High Purity Powder Cortisone Acetate CAS (50-04-4)

English name: Cortisone acetate CAS: 50-04-4 EINECS Number: 200-006-5 Formula: C23H30O6 MW: 402.4807 Molecular Structure: Density: 1.265g / cm3 Melting point: 237-240 C Boiling point: 577.257 C at 760 mmHg Flash Point: 197.345 C Vapor ...

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Best Skin Care Manufacture Private Label OEM

Best Skin Care Manufacture Private Label OEM

Our Services: 1. We supply customized samples for test quality. 2. Package design, formula design support. 3. Professional technology and marketing information recommendations. 4. Considerate service to help you get most valuable products. .....
Azelaic Acid Essence Serum For Skin Care

Azelaic Acid Essence Serum For Skin Care

Azelaic Acid Essence Serum For Skin Care Best Moisturizing Super Moisturizing 100% Plant Essence Instantly Penetrate Into Skin Keep Moisturizing Hydrating All Day NATURAL EXTRACTION PROFESSIONAL FORMULA A 24 HOUR , .....
professionally provide natural pure plant skin care

professionally provide natural pure plant skin care

Oats Facial cleansing Foam Product Serial#: DZH01-150 Ingredients: Oat beta glucan, avenanthramides, oat multi-peptides and sodium sarcosinate. Functions: a. Rich oats extracts, tender formula, can promote aging-cutin & dead cells-off.....
Date: Sep 27, 2010
12ways danshen spots fade liquid mask

12ways danshen spots fade liquid mask

Efficacies: This liquid mask adopting the uniquely professional formula against the mature skin type of Asian women. The herbal essences work to protect your skin invisibly, its unique whitening composition also works to activate, moisturize and.....


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Ionic Skin Care System, DeepSkin

Ionic Skin Care System, DeepSkin

May 26, 2016
DeepSkin is a home skin care system using iontophoresis technology to transfer nutrient formula of facial mask sheet into skin cells more effectively by increasing its absorption, allowing to conveniently meet such level of professional anti-aging facial


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BIO PAMACY develops the scientifically patented ingredient with the main ingredients of natural ingredients and develops that as the cosmeceutical formula to be optimized to each skin type and provides the best professional skin products for ...
Business Type: Distributor

Guangzhou Leparfum Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Leparfum Co., Ltd is a professional OEM cosmetics company. We specialize on researching raw material, developing product formula, processing and masterminding the product, and also sourcing the package for customer.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter