Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket Level Meter (ENV100 Series)

Product Description

The ENV100 Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket Level Meter manufactured by WESS, utilizes enhanced ultrasonic technology to measure the sludge interface level in various types of clarifiers, settling tanks and thickeners with superior accuracy and reliability. The instrument continuously provides the user with important information which includes numeric & graphic screens representing the distance to the blanket, an echo profile image to ensure correct configuration during commissioning and saved data analysis.

Product Feature

> Continuous and real-time measurement
> 4 sensors measurement with one controller enables economic operation
> Maximum 400 days data logging and monitoring
> Wireless option avoids cabling cost (RF Communication)
> Automatic sensor cleaning guarantees maintenance-free measurement
> ASF(Abnormal Signal Filter) eliminates stationary and moving strucutres
> Free WESSWARE software enables field data analysis and menu setup
> Unique frequency is able to measure light sludge at a drinking water sedimentation tank

Product Specification / Models

 - C1-S (One sensor control), C1-M (Multi sensor control)
 - Measuring Principle : Ultrasonic Echo Flight Time

 - S1-G (General Type)
 - S1-T (Teflon Facing Type)
 - S1-H (High-Temperature Type)


Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
(Primary & Secondary Clarifier, Thickener)
Water Purification Plant
Power Plants(Desulphurization Process)
Petrochemical, Refinery Sludge Tanks
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