Titanic K-2 Capsules

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Product Description

Brand Name Titanic k-2 Capsules
Packing Pack of 6 capsules
Contents Withania Somnifera Extracts 240mg, Terminalia Arjuna Extracts 100mg, Asparagus Adscendens (Extract)100mg, Crocus Sativus 50mg, Abhrak Bhasam (Rastantra Sar)50mg, Siddh Makradhwaj Bhasam (Bhaishajya Ratnawali)50mg, Pyrethrum Radix (Extract)100mg, Swarn Bhasam ((Rastantra Sar))10mg.


Man Sexual Health - Titanic-K2 Capsule
Titanic-K2 is a herbal alternative of Viagra, with growing popularity over the world due to the lack of side effects and relatively cheap price. It is manufactured by Sun Laboratories (P) Ltd., India

One Titanic K2 capsule restores your loss vigor and vitality itself provides you complete sexual satisfaction. This does not cause any adverse effects its high quality ,this medicine and after using it, you shall find it more effective than what it sold for .We are of the firm belief that one Titanic K2 itself shall make you ,your own admirer.


1 Capsule 2 hour before desire or as directed by physician. No more than one capsule per day.

Avoid intoxicants, allopathic sex stimulant and overeating while using this medicine


Withania Somnifera Extracts 240mg, Terminalia Arjuna Extracts 100mg
Asparagus adscendens Extracts 100mg, Crocus Staivus 50mg, Abhrak Bhasam (Rastantra Sar) 50mg,
Siddha MakraDhwaj Bhasam (Bhaishajya Ratnawali) 50mg,
Pyrethrum radix(extrack) 100mg,Swarn Bhasam(Rastantra Sar) 10mg.
Number of Capsules 6

The problem of impotence is continuing since ancient times, but now this problem has become quite common and serious, irregular food habits, increased strain, mental stress and adverse effects of the allopathic medicines have resulted in loss of vigour and vitality. Today this problem is spreading fast among the common men.This disease is becoming more prevalent due to untimely and non-administration of right medicines.Therefore administration of the medicine for treatment of the disease should be done very carefully. Keeping these small things in mind, SUN LABORATORIES PVT.LTD. has manufactured a capsule, which is totally made out of Ayurvedic medicines and takes proper care. It restore your lost vigour and vitality. One TITANIC K-2 capsule itself provides you complete satisfaction.This does not cause any adverse effects. Due to it's high quality this medicine is slightly costly but it cannot be compared with any other medicine and after using it you shall find it more effective than what is said for. We are of the firm belief that one TITANIC K-2 capsule itself shall make you, your own admirer.

Quality and Dosage
The ingredients used for preparing this capsule are of the topmost quality. Which are fully effective even if these are consumed in small quantity. Usage of this medicine enhances the sex power.The consumption of any intoxicating medicine is prohibited, when this medicine is being used. One capsule of TITANIC K-2 itself is fully effective on your body. Do not use more than one capsule in 24 hours duration.The patients suffering from tuberculosis and blood pressure should not consume the medicine. Any other allopathic sex power enhancing medicines should not be consumed along with this medicine.After taking this medicine, concentrate your mind towards sex and overeating should be avoided. Keep the medicine away from children.
Warning: Avoid intoxicants, allopathic sex stimulants and overeating while using this medicine.

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