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Mayonnaise for sale

Mayonnaise is a blend of vegetable oil, eggs and high quality ingredients with an appealing taste. It is an ideal dressing used to enhance the taste of salads, burgers and sandwiches. Due to high tech manufacturing process and selected ingredients,...
South Africa
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Sungsim Bluberry Cooking Vinegar

Product Name : Sungsim Blueberry Cooking Vinegar - This is a healthy sauce made from blueberries, which is preferred by everyone regardless of gender and age. - Blueberries contain 30 times more antioxidant anthocyanins compared with grapes. - This ...

THREE CHOI BROS MEJU Soybean Paste (Gold)

[Product Description] Premium Korea`s health foods *All products of THREE CHOI BROS are wellbeing food, free from preservatives and food additives. *All products of THREE CHOI BROS are healthy fermented food used for HALLYU (trend of Korea) food. ...
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Red Bean Power Gruel Powder

'LIDAM', the private brand of Fine FT, depicts the images of a farmer which include diligence and sincerity, as the core concept. LIDAM is created by Fine FT's desire to faithfully and sincerely deliver for a variety of products to consumers. A ...
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Best quality Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Best quality Heinz Tomato Ketchup Kindly contact us for more information.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Hatkongmaru Jangheung Soybean paste

Hatkongmaru Jangheung Foods are produced in clean and nonpolluted Jangheung region, with pure water of rocky Mt. Saja, and 5-year old domestic natural salt. They are primary fermented healthful slow foods through nature and time. Manufacturing our ...
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Heinz Ketchup

1) canned and drum tomato paste 2) manufacturer and exporter 3) raw materials are from Xingjiang 4) good traffic
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High Quality Tomato Paste

Brix 28-30% Technics Cold break Ingredients 100% fresh tomatoes Lycopene 50mg/100g Min Viscosity 6-11cm/30sec Colour A/B 2.1 Min L value 22.5 min PH 4.0-4.4 Total acid ≤9% HMC ≤40% Sugar ratio >42 dry residue Shelf life 24 months from ...
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Tamarind Paste

Sour Tamarind Paste With seeds 300gx50/Carton (1,400 Cartons/20' Container) 1kg x24/Carton (850 Cartons/20' Container) 6kg x4/Cartons (850 Cartons/20' Container) Seedless 400gx50/Carton (1,400 Cartons/20' Container)

Sanfeng sesame sauce

PRINCIPLE & PHILOSOPHY 100% pure sesame seed paste from China; Raw material insisted use high-quality homebred sesame seed; Traditional craft——refined process; No any additive are added, and detection every shipment;  ...

Teriyaki Sauce (Sweet Soya Sauce)

1. 100% naturally brewed sauce made by NON-GMO ingredients. 2. Haccp,ISO,Brc, 3. Kingomi Brand or OEM brand label accepted. 4. Available packing size:100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 400ml, 500ml, 625ml(750g), 750ml(890g), 800ml, 1L, 5LBS(2.25kg), 1.9L, ...


other tomato saucesother tomato saucesDEAR DIR : WE ARE THE ALEXANRIA TRADE POINT WORK UNDER THER CONTROL OF EGYPTIAN MINISTRY OF COMMERCE SOME OF OUR CLIENTS WANT TO ( expor ) other tomato sauces Company Name Octopus for import and export Country ...


Pecel sauce (Peanut Chili Sauce) is sauce who made from peanut, chili, sugar and many spices. This product can combine with salad, sate and many more food.Product packed with plastic that process air-tight or airproof.This product can combine with ...

Tomato Paste Hot Break

We sell drummed tomato paste packed in 220L steel drum with net weight about 235kgs per drum.Brix: 28-30% // 30-32% Type: Hot Break Lycopene: 50mg/100g min Bostwick: 4.0-7.0 cm/30sec Color A/B (Hunter Value): 2.1 min HMC: 40% min Certificates: ISO, ...

Yellow Chili Sauce - Sweet and Sour(480g)

Not veryone can accept the spicy taste like the yellow chili. So that we re-create the sauce by adding sweet and sour. This sauce is perfect choice for salad and fried food etc. Not veryone can accept the spicy taste like the yellow chili. So that we ...


1.100%naturally brewed NON GMO. 2. Haccp,ISO 3.OEM or LISHIDA Brand 4.25days delivery after the order confirmation 5.Best Price. 6.Size: SOY SAUCE:150m, 500ml, 750g, 1000ml,5LBS, 15kg OYSTER SAUCE:350g,730g,5LBS 7. Quality A: Amino nitrogen NO Less ...

Haomo sauce

HAOMO sauce has been selected and developed since three years with repeated test and feedbacks of market and customers. Offering directly eating or cooking, it is named unique around the markets. HAOMO sauce is organic .It does not contain any ...

Stir-fried Red chili paste with Ground beef (500g)

From old times, red-pepper paste has been stir-fried to enhance its delicate taste. In order to revive a traditional way of production, we have cut beef, anchovy, dried pollack, hiziki in small pieces and stir-fried them with various seasonings and ...

Korean hot pepper paste for Bibimbab

Korean hot pepper paste for Bibimbab, Bibimtodok hot pepper paste, Bibimmaesil hot pepper paste Description: This product is a hot pepper paste for traditional Bibimbab added with various ingredients including beef and doduk in traditional sticky rice ...