chicken pourtry plucker

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Description and Working Guiding 
Generally, it can handle 3 chicken or ducks which weight 1-2kg once, processing 180-200 poultry only consume one degree electric, faster than manual work, economical and practical.

Put the slaughtered poultry into the hot water of 65℃-80℃, for scald uniformly.Then turn on the machine, put them into the barrel(ginger, potato or fish can put in directly). About 10 seconds, unlock the water faucet, to washing the chicken feather or ginger skin out. After a while, stop machine, and take out the products is ok. In normal situation, for unhairing the chicken feather is only need 30 seconds, for others, little longer. 

TM-50  220V 50Hz  1.5KW  1400r/min 56*60*90cm      45KG

TM-55  220V 50Hz, 1.5kw,  1400r/min,  61*65*95cm      50KG   
TM-60  220V 50Hz, 1.5kw,  1400r/min,   66*70*95cm      55KG  

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