Palm Fatty Acid Oil / Fatty Acid Palm Oil / Sludge oil

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23000 liter Flexitank or metal drum
Specification report from the Malaysia's government chemical Lab
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US $15

Product Description

Palm Fatty Acid Oil, Fatty Acid Palm Oil or Sludge oil. All of this name for this product is the same product. We collect it from the palm oil mills in Malaysia. The Palm Oil Mills in Malaysia normally discharges those CPO FFA whic are more than 5% to there storage pond. The % FFA for this product will be differrent due to the weather of Malaysia. If during raining season is usually will be more high FFA.

Product Feature

There is three diffirent category of this product.
1) FFA 10% to 29% (Low). Colour is red and orange. Liquid or semi liquid form in normal room tempreture.
2) FFA 30% to 59%. Colour is yellow and dark yellow. Semi solidified in normal room tempreture.
3) FFA 60% to 80%. Colour is dark brown and black. Solidified.
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