Oil seal

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Oil Seal					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-001	Crankshaft front	HTCR36497			
CS-002	Crankshaft front	HT3CR38559	13510-18000/H1000/H1010            13042-18000		
CS-003	Crankshaft front	HTCR40599			
CS-004	Crankshaft front	T3C456812	90311-45002/45006/45011                       90311-45069/45026/45094		
CS-005	Crankshaft front	HTCR46587	13510-40F10		
CS-006	Crankshaft front	HTCR588010	13510-43G00		
CS-007	Crankshaft rear	HTCR608212	12279-18000/18001/18010               12279-H10000		
CS-008	Crankshaft rear	HTCL8010013	12279-21000/21010/A4600            12279-R4600/R4601		
CS-009	Crankshaft rear	HTCL8410411	12279-18V00/77A10/D0100		
CS-010	Crankshaft rear	HTCL8610010	12279-43G00		
CS-011	Transmission-front	HTCR25408	32113-M8000/M8001		
CS-012	Transmission-front	T3C30458	32114-Y400		
CS-013	Transmission-front	HTCR40559	13042-01M00		
CS-014	Camshaft	HTCR32508	13168-01M00		
CS-015	Camshaft	HTCR33478	12279-96000/96001                                  12279-97001/97002		
CS-016	Camshaft	HTCR34488	13042-16A05/D0100/D0101		
CS-017	Front wheel	TB5567210	40227-01E00/01E01		
CS-018	Front wheel	HTCR40527	13042-16V00/42L00                      13510-19V00/77A10		
CS-019	Rear wheel-outer	HT3CR48709	13042-73000/A3500/A3510                          13042-A8600		
CS-020	oil seal	HTCL36508	13042-16A10		
CS-021	oil seal	TC40568	38342-M8001		
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-022	Crankshaft front	HTCR32476	09283-32026		
CS-023	Crankshaft rear	HTCL68868	09283-68002		
CS-024	Gear lever	41589.5			
CS-025	Front wheel-inner	TC54962/6611			
CS-026	Front wheel-outer	5368.27			
CS-027	Crankshaft rear	6078/828.5			
CS-028	Axle shaft	TC42569			
CS-029	Differential-pinion	TC285010			
CS-030	Transmission-front	TC22325			
CS-031	Transmission-near	TC284510			
CS-032	Front wheel	TC42537.5			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-033	Crankshaft front	HTCR40567	894214-9120894339-9970	WFR、WFS(4FD1)	
CS-034	Crankshaft front	T3C456812			
CS-035	Crankshaft front	HTCR50689	509625-0790                                909924-4480                             94020262	NHR、NKR(4JBI)、KB(G161、180、C190)、UBS汽油车	
CS-036	Crankshaft front	HTCR608212	509625-0150/0540 909924-5070	NKR、NPR、SBR、FSR、FTR(4BA1、4BC2、4BD1、6BB1、6BD1)	
CS-037	Crankshaft rear	HTCL9511011	90043-11076		
CS-038	Crankshaft rear	HTCL9511810	8-94214-9130 8-94235-3690	NHR、NKR(4JA1、4JB1)、WFRWFS、JJ	
CS-039	Crankshaft rear	HTCL10013510	1-09625-3200 8-94107-5680	NKR、NPR、SBR(4BA1、C1、C2、E1、D1) (84.6)	
CS-040	Crankshaft rear	HTCB10013514.5	1-09625-4020	NKR、SBR(6BB1、4BA1)	
CS-041	Crankshaft rear	HTC5L100135/14015	5-09625-014-052-09-09924-433-0	NKR、SBR、(4BA1、4BC1、4BC2、6BB1、)(76-84.5)	
CS-042	Transmission-front	HTCR27439	909724-0330 509625-0180	NHR、NKR、NPR、WFS、WFR、UBS(4JA1、4JB1、4BC2、D1)	
CS-043	Transmission-near	TB2406811	509625-0170 909724-0320	NHR(4JA1)	
CS-044	Transmission-near	T3B2456512	909724-0070	NKR、NPR( 4JB1 4BC2 4BD1)	
CS-045	Transmission-near	HTCR456510		NKR、NPR	
CS-046	Camshaft	HTCR18306			
CS-047	Camshaft	HTCR30458	894215-2200894334-8450		
CS-048	Differential-pinion	HTB29R5810311/19	894408-0830 909724-0110/0100	NPR(4BD1)	
CS-049	Differential-pinion	TB29457811/18.5	909724-0050/0060894408-0840/0850	NHR、 NKR、NPR(4JB1 4BC2)	
CS-050	Alternator	TC14247	109625-1610	495	
CS-051	Alternator	SPTC15327.5/9	894156-5890	NHR、NKR(4JA1、4JB1)、WFRWFS JJ	
CS-052	Wteering-worm	HTCR32487	5-09625-007-0	NHR NKR(4JA1、4JB1)	
CS-053	Transmission top cover	TC2917276/7.5			
CS-054	direction machine up cover	TC19328	509625-0070	NHR NKR(4JA1、4JB1)	
CS-055	high-pressure fuel pump	TB20317	894228-5450		
CS-056	Front wheel	TC594052/628/15	894245-1520 894326-4400 94326440		
CS-057	Front wheel	TB250679	894433-7180 94433718		
CS-058	Front wheel	TB263808	894248-1160/1161	ELF150 NHR(4JA1)	
CS-059	Front wheel	TA2709010	509625-0290	NPR	
CS-060	Front wheel	TB273908	894248-1170/1171	NKR NPR(4JB1 4BC2 4BD1)	
CS-061	Front wheel	SPT3A27511210/17.5	1-09625-006-0	SBR372、FSR113(6BB1、6BD1)5.5~6T	
CS-062	Rear wheel	SPHSB2LR517210	894178-2770 94178277	SBR372、FSR113(6BB1、6BD1	
CS-063	Rear wheel-inner	SPT3A29513212/22	1-09625-0430	SBR372、FSR113(6BB1、6BD1)	
CS-064	Rear wheel-inner	TABY7610222	894336-3140	NHR(4JB1)	
CS-065	Rear wheel-inner	TAY8011312/22	909724-0180	NPR(4BD1)	
CS-066	Rear wheel-inner	T3B1406010	509625-0920 909724-0350	NHR(4JA1)、CBO	
CS-067	Rear wheel-inner	SB252659			
CS-068	Rear wheel-outer	SCY4694.28/9.5	909924-2420894336-3151	NHR(4JB1)	
CS-069	Rear wheel-outer	SCY491008/9.5	894336-3171	NPR(4BD1)	
CS-070	Rear wheel-outer	T3B252727.5	909724-0220	NHR(4JB1)	
CS-071	oil seal	HTCR28478	509625-0531/5032		
CS-072	oil seal	SPHTCL38498/12	894422-3870		
CS-073	oil seal	TB45629	894146-2050 894450-1270		
CS-074	Valve				
CS-075	oil pan gasket		8-94228-545-0	4JA1、4JB1	
ISUZU Pickup					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-076	Diretion machine(small)	KC22357	8-97081-746-097081746		
CS-077	Diretion machine(big)	HTC2RL32407			
CS-078	Differential-pinion	SPKC594074/8611/18.5			
CS-079	Transmission-near	SPHTCL38498/12	894422-3870		
CS-080	Front wheel	TB250679	8-94433-7180		
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-081	Crankshaft front	HTCR40567		S31	
CS-082	Crankshaft front	HTCR44607	MD08882 MD050606 MD069949	L300-L032P、G63B、V32、LO65P、G32B、G62B、4D5、(4G32、33、62	
CS-083	Crankshaft front	T3C456812		S03	
CS-084	Crankshaft front	HT3CR486811	MD020308	G54B、L047V32(4G52、4G54)	
CS-085	Crankshaft front	T3C557812	ME024156 MH034027		
CS-086	Crankshaft rear	HTCL608212			
CS-087	Crankshaft rear	HTCL72969	MD008885 MD016549		
CS-088	Crankshaft rear	HTCL80969	MD020435 MD050604 MD069947	L300、L0650、V32(4G52、4G54)4G62、63	
CS-089	Crankshaft rear	HTCL8010012		S03	
CS-090	Crankshaft rear	HTCL851038			
CS-091	Crankshaft rear	HTCL881068.5			
CS-092	Transmission-front	HTCR28408	MD008883		
CS-093	Transmission-front	TC30456	MD703735 MD723202	L021、25P(4G3332)LO22、26G(4G54、4G62)V32	
CS-094	Transmission-near	HTCL365210	MD703743 MB703743	V32	
CS-095	Camshaft	TC30458		S31	
CS-096	Camshaft	HTCR35508	MD008762	G32、62、63B、V33、V43、V324D(4G32、62、63、6G72、4D55、65?	
CS-097	Differential-pinion	HTB29R457212/19	MB160949		
CS-098	Wteering-worm	HTCR17287	MD009038 MD050605 MD069948	G32B、G63B、4D5(4G63、4D65)	
CS-099	Wteering-worm	TC17308	MA103454		
CS-100	Oil pump drive gear	HTCR20307	MD095355 MD096264		
CS-101	Front wheel	HTCR40527			
CS-102	Front wheel	TB150659	MT141132		
CS-103	Front wheel	TB2506510	MB092437	L03#、6#、L300(4G32、33、62、P0#、P1#、P2#、4G63	
CS-104	Front wheel	TC958757.5/11	MB160674 MB160852 MB297514 MB526395	P23V、P23W、LO22、26G、(4G54、62)V32	
CS-105	Rear wheel	TA2			
CS-106	Rear wheel	T5B9Y5676.612.5		V32	
CS-107	Rear wheel-inner	SPSA2366214	MB092288 MB664439 MB837719	L035-49G,L022,26G(4G54)、L021,25P(4G32,4G33)	
CS-108	Rear wheel-inner	TB2426512	MB092145 MB092296 MB160578		
CS-109	Rear wheel-inner	SB252659	MA125991 MA181498		
CS-110	Rear wheel-outer	TB2356512			
CS-111	Rear wheel-outer	TB245589	MB001314 MB393719		
CS-112	Rear wheel-outer	TB2506510	MB092437	L021、25P(4G32、33)LO35、49G(G6B)L022、26G(4G54、62)V3	
CS-113	oil seal	HTCR25356	MD041012 MD069950MD050608		
CS-114	oil seal	HTCL324810	K615323-2 MD701430 MD701732 MD701782		
CS-115	oil seal	HTC9LR35569/12.5	MD706433 MD707184		
CS-116	oil seal	HTCR37506	MD088855		
CS-117	oil seal	TC4Y39.65211	MD731708	V32	
CS-118	oil seal	HTCR487012	31311-06100/06101		
TOYOTA (Gold )					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-119	Crankshaft front	HTCR42607	90311-42003/42007/42015/42026		
CS-120	Crankshaft rear	HTCL801008.5	90311-80003/80005/80007		
CS-121	Transmission-front	T3C30458	90311-30010/30115		
CS-122	Transmission-near	TB1385811	90311-38005		
CS-123	Differential-pinion	HTB2R387411.5	90311-38003/38010/3802890311-38079/38113		
CS-124	Differential-pinion	TCY427510/12			
CS-125	Axle shaft	TC326510			
CS-126	Front wheel	TA250689	90311-50005/50136		
CS-127	Rear wheel-outer	SPSC35415.5/9	90310-35001		
CS-128	Rear wheel-outer	SPKC48629/24	90313-48001/45002/45005		
CS-129	Rear wheel-inner	SB2Y50709	90311-50001/50030/50039		
CS-130	Valve		90913-0206290913-02066		
CS-131	Valve				
GREAT WALL Pickup					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-132	Crankshaft front	HTCR42607	90311-42003/42007/4201590311-42026		
CS-133	Differential-outer	SC42759			
CS-134	Differential-inner	TC9427510/15.5			
CS-135	Rear wheel-outer	46.57024			
CS-136	Axle shaft	SC50707			
CS-137	Front wheel	TC9507012			
CS-138	Crankshaft rear	HTCL801008.5	90311-80003/80005/80007		
CS-139	Differential-pinion	HTC9R427510/12			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-140	Transmission-front	TC15257	90311-15002		
CS-141	Oil pump 	HTCR17287	90311-17001/17008		
CS-142	Wteering-worm	TB118308	90311-18001/18002		
CS-143	Wteering-worm	HTCR18307	15165-70010		
CS-144	Wteering-worm	TC19328	90311-19001/19003		
CS-145	Transmission-front	HTCR20307	90310-20026		
CS-146	Oil pump	HTCR20325	90029-21007/21020		
CS-147	Transmission-front	HTCR25378	90311-25011/25016		
CS-148	Transmission-front	HTCR25387	90311-25001/25003/25141		
CS-149	Transmission-near	HTCR28408	90310-28014/28027		
CS-150	Transmission-front	HTCR30428	90311-30002/30005		
CS-151	Oil seal	HTCR30447	90311-30001/30018		
CS-152	Transmission-front	T3C30458	90311-30010/30115		
CS-153	Wteering-worm	VC32405	90312-32002		
CS-154	Camshaft	TC32449	90310-32024		
CS-155	Camshaft	T3C32466	90311-32008		
CS-156	Transmission-front	HTCR32487	90311-32106		
CS-157	Transmission-front	HTCL325211	90311-32010/320074/32086		
CS-158	Transmission-front	HTCR32537	90311-32012		
CS-159	Camshaft	HTCR32.5466	90311-32001/32018		
CS-160	Front axle shaft	TB33448	90311-33085		
CS-161	Transmission-near	TC933.5549/15	90311-34007		
CS-162	oil seal	TA234509.5			
CS-163	Transmission top cover	HTC9R34549/15.5	90311-34005		
CS-164	Transmission-near	YC934639/15.5	90311-34008		
CS-165	Transmission-near	YC935559/15.5	90311-35007/35014		
CS-166	Rear wheel-outer	SPSC35415.5/9	90310-35001		
CS-167	Camshaft	HTCR35496	90311-35003/35008/3501390311-35017/35022		
CS-168	Camshaft	HTCR37.5506	90311-38025		
CS-169	Camshaft	HTCR38508	90311-38017/3801890311-38034/38046		
CS-170	Transmission-near	T3B2385811	90311-38043		
CS-171	Differential-pinion	TB29387411/18	90311-38035		
CS-172	Camshaft	HTCR38.5588.5	90311-38022		
CS-173	Crankshaft front	HT3CR38.55811	90311-38002/38013/3802490311-38111/38138		
CS-174	Front wheel	HTCR40527	90311-40108		
CS-175	Oil seal	HTCR40556	90311-40006/40013		
CS-176	Oil seal	HTCL405811	90311-40001		
CS-177	Front wheel	HTCR41537	90311-41123		
CS-178	Rear wheel	YB42557	90311-42055		
CS-179	Crankshaft front	HTCR42607	90311-42003/42007/4201590311-42026		
CS-180	Crankshaft front	HTCR44607	90311-44001/44003		
CS-181	Differential-pinion	HTC9R427012/15.5			
CS-182	Differential-pinion	HTCR45628	90311-45003		
CS-183	Transmission-near	HTCL45629	90311-45001/45018		
CS-184	Crankshaft front	HTCR456812	90311-450245/4500690311-45026/45094		
CS-185	Front wheel	TC48627	90311-48122		
CS-186	Rear wheel-outer	SPKC48629/24	90313-48001/45002/45005		
CS-187	Differential-pinion	TC48687	90311-48014		
CS-188	Oil seal	HTCR487012	90311-48002/48004		
CS-189	Differential-pinion	HTB2R488212	90311-48089/48135		
CS-190	Front wheel	TA250689	90311-50005/50136		
CS-191	Rear wheel-inner	SB2Y50709	90311-50001/50030/50039		
CS-192	Front wheel	507012			
CS-193	Crankshaft front	HTCR507212	90311-50002/5000690311-50007/50049		
CS-194	Front wheel	TA250739	90311-50003		
CS-195	Rear wheel-inner	SB252659	90311-52059/52032		
CS-196	Crankshaft front	HTC9R52708.5/14			
CS-197	Rear wheel-outer	TB2952757.5/12.5	90311-52005		
CS-198	Oil seal	TC557812	90311-55008		
CS-199	Front wheel-inner	TB2956758/13	04422-20010-52		
CS-200	Rear wheel-inner	TB2956756.5/11	90311-56007		
CS-201	Front wheel	TA2628510	90311-62147		
CS-202	Front wheel	TA266809	90311-66002		
CS-203	Front wheel	TA266858	90311-66001		
CS-204	Front wheel	TA2689012	90311-68002		
CS-205	Crankshaft rear	HTCL70928.5	90311-70001/70003/7000790311-70075/70115/70120		
CS-206	Crankshaft rear	HTCL751008.5	90311-75004		
CS-207	Crankshaft rear	HTCL7510010			
CS-208	Crankshaft rear	HTCL7510013	90311-75113		
CS-209	Rear wheel-inner	TA9Y7510810/20	90311-75003		
CS-210	Crankshaft rear	HTCL801008.5	90311-80003/80005/80007		
CS-211	Crankshaft rear	TB8010010			
CS-212	Crankshaft rear	HTCL8010012	90311-80001/8000290311-80068/80139		
CS-213	Crankshaft rear	HTCL8410411	90311-84003		
CS-214	Crankshaft rear	HTCL8510510	90311-85001/85003/85004		
CS-215	Crankshaft rear	TB8510510	90311-85006		
CS-216	Crankshaft rear	HTCL881068.5			
CS-217	Crankshaft rear	HTB2L881068.7	90311-88001		
CS-218	Crankshaft rear	HTCL901108.5	90311-90003/90008		
CS-219	Crankshaft rear	HTCL911108.5	90311-92001/92003/92004		
CS-220	Crankshaft rear	HTCL9511512	90311-95001/9500290311-95003/95091		
CS-221	Crankshaft rear	HTCL991199.5			
CS-222	Crankshaft rear	HTCL9912011			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-223	Oil seal	HTCL27408			
CS-224	Oil seal	HTCL28428			
CS-225	Oil seal	TA240527			
CS-226	Crankshaft rear	HTCR8010010	91214-PC6-003/-PD2-004 91214-PH1-003		
HONDA accord					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-227	Crankshaft front	40527			
CS-228	Crankshaft rear	8010010			
CS-229	Axle shaft right	39568/12			
CS-230	Axle shaft left	39668/12			
CS-231	Direction machine(side)	25409			
CS-232	Direction machine(top)	19305			
CS-233	Direction machine(dowm)	27385.5			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-234	Crankshaft front	46587			
CS-235	Crankshaft rear	8410411			
CS-236	Front Axle shaft right	42598			
CS-237	Rear Axle shaft left	33568/13			
CS-238	transmission	40568/13.5			
CS-239	Direction machine	24428			
CS-240	Front wheel	56766/12.5			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-241	Crankshaft rear	42567			
CS-242	Crankshaft front	8810811.1			
CS-243	Camshaft	48659			
BUICK (Shanghai)					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-244	 Axle shaft outer	345516			
CS-245	 Axle shaft inner	3554/5716			
CS-246	 Axle shaft rear	759210			
CS-247	Crankshaft front	45619.5			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-248	Front wheel	52709			
CS-249	Front wheel inner	557210			
CS-250	Front wheel outer	27439			
CS-251	transmission front	406210			
CS-252	transmission rear	507212			
CS-253	Camshaft	355011			
CS-254	Rear wheel	42557			
CS-255	Crankshaft rear	40559			
CS-256	Crankshaft front	708812			
CS-257	Front wheel	48629			
KOREAN Cars					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-258	Oil seal	45*72*12/20.5  TB9		NBR	
CS-259	Oil seal	35*50*8		FPM	
CS-260	Oil seal	35*58*10  SCY		NBR	
CS-261	Oil seal	50*65*9  TB2		NBR	
CS-262	Oil seal	17*28*7  HTCR		NBR	
CS-263	Oil seal	44*60*7		FPM	
CS-264	Oil seal	36*52*10		NBR	
CS-265	Oil seal	15*30*7		NBR	
CS-266	Oil seal	35*56*7.5/11.5  HTCP		NBR	
CS-267	Oil seal	50*66.5*13/16.65  TCY		NBR	
CS-268	Oil seal	40*75*11/15.5		NBR	
CS-269	Oil seal	47.7*73.08*9.5/12  TBY		NBR	
CS-270	Oil seal	35*56*9/12  YC9		NBR	
CS-271	Oil seal	35*48*7		VQM Brown	
CS-272	Oil seal	32*48*7		VQM Brown	
CS-273	Oil seal	26*42*8  HTCR		NBR	
CS-274	Oil seal	86*104*11			
CS-275	Oil seal	30*42*8		NBR  Blue	
CS-276	Oil seal	35*55*8  TB2		NBR	
CS-277	Oil seal	48*70*9  TC		NBR	
CS-278	Oil seal	27*43*9  HTCL		NBR	
CS-279	Oil seal	50.8*69.8*11 HTCR		FPM  Brown	
CS-280	Oil seal	40*65/78*12  DM		NBR	
CS-281	Oil seal	101.57*125*13  HTCK		FPM  Brown	
CS-282	Oil seal	40*56*10 TC		NBR	
CS-283	Oil seal	90*110*9/10.3		VQM Blue	
CS-284	Oil seal	83*100*9		FPM	
CS-285	Oil seal	15*32*7.5/9		NBR	
CS-286	Oil seal	35*48*6.5		VQM Brown	
CS-287	Oil seal	68*90*12  TB2		NBR	
CS-288	Oil seal	80*96*9		FPM  Brown	
CS-289	Oil seal	42*56*7  HTCR		FPM  Brown	
SUZUKI (462)					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-290	Crankshaft front	HTCR32478	09283-32002/32003/3201609283-32022/32025		
CS-291	Crankshaft rear	HTCL60808	09283-60003/60007		
CS-292	Transmission-front	HTCR20478.5	09283-20028		
CS-293	Transmission-near	HT4CL283810/15	24780-79001		
CS-294	Differential-pinion	TC284710	09283-28010		
CS-295	Axle shaft	YB42557	09283-42008		
CS-296	Axle shaft	TC42557			
CS-297	Mileage counter	TC8165			
CS-298	Output shaft	TB10175			
CS-299	Diretion machine (small)	TC15286			
CS-300	Diretion machine (big)	TC22358			
CS-301	Valve				
CS-302	Front shock absorber(smaller)	DC4Y203210/15			
CS-303	Front shock absorber(big)	DC4Y203410/15			
SUZUKI Songhuajian					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-304	Differential-pinion	TC285210			
CS-305	Axle shaft	TC42567			
CS-306	Axle shaft	TB42567			
SUZUKI Aoto(368)					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-307	Crankshaft front	HTCR32478	09283-32002/32003/3201609283-32022/32025		
CS-308	Crankshaft rear	HTCL60808	09283-60003/60007		
CS-309	Transmission-front	TC20357	80671-9010		
CS-310	Transmission-near	HT4CL283810/15	24780-79001		
CS-311	Front wheel	YB2944628/14	09283-44006/44007/44009		
CS-312	Axle shaft	T3C935727.5/9.5	09283-35013/35022/35031		
CS-313	Gear lever	DC51425/3519			
SUZUKI F10A(465)					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-314	Crankshaft front	HTCR32478	09283-32002/32003/3201609283-32022/32025		
CS-315	Crankshaft rear	HTCL60808	09283-60003/60007		
CS-316	Transmission-front	HTCR25386	09283-25003		
CS-317	Transmission-near	HTCY324210/12			
CS-318	Differential-pinion	TC9356210/16.5	09283-35008		
CS-319	Axle shaft	T3B48629	09283-48007		
CS-320	Transmission-near	TC9304010/13			
 SUZUKI Changanjixin(6350)					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-321	Crankshaft front	HTCR32476	09283-32026		
CS-322	Crankshaft rear	HTCL68868	09283-68002		
CS-323	Transmission-front	HTCR25386	09283-25003		
CS-324	Transmission-rear	304010/13			
CS-325	Axle shaft	T3B48629	09283-48007		
SUZUKI 276					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS326	Crankshaft front	HTCR35508			
CS327	Crankshaft rear	6078/828.5			
CS328	Axle shaft	42569			
CS329	Transmission	285010			
CS330	Transmission-front	22325			
CS331	Transmission-rear	284510			
CS332	Front wheel	42537.5			
SUZUKI 278					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-333	Differential-pinion	HTCR356512			
CS-334	Axle shaft	TC43569			
CS-335	Front wheel	TC42537.5			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-336	Crankshaft front	HTCR34487	90043-11211-000		
CS-337	Crankshaft rear	HTCL587410	90043-11222-000		
CS-338	Transmission-front	HTCR25356	90043-10051-000		
CS-339	Transmission-near	TC31419.5			
CS-340	Camshaft	HTCR32487	90043-11109-000		
CS-341	Axle shaft	TC30428	90043-10020-000		
CS-342	Differential-pinion	HTCR305512	90043-11073-000		
CS-343	Front wheel	TC40527	90043-11206-000		
CS-344	Front shock aborber	DC4Y183010/15			
CS-345	Valve		90048-12009-000		
 DAIHATSU Xiali 3Cyl.					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-346	Crankshaft front	HTCR34487	90043-11211-000		
CS-347	Crankshaft rear	HTCL587410	90043-11222-000		
CS-348	Camshaft	HTCR32487	90043-11109-000		
CS-349	Differential(big)	HTC9R456812.5/19	90043-11227-000		
CS-350	Differential(small)	HTC9L458010/16.5	90043-11228-000		
CS-351	Gear lever	DC51626.5/30.517			
CS-352	Front shock aborber	DC4Y183210/15			
CS-353	Valve		90048-12009-000		
 DAIHATSU Xiali 4Cyl.					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-354	Crankshaft front	HTCR34486	90043-11231-000		
CS-355	Crankshaft rear	HTCL801008.5	90043-11230-000		
CS-356	Camshaft	HTCR35508	90043-11229-000		
CS-357	Differential-pinion	HTC9R45*70*12.5/19			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-358	Crankshaft front	HTCR324710			
CS-359	Crankshaft rear	HTCL8510512			
CS-360	Crankshaft rear	HTCL8510511			
CS-361	Transmission-front	TC920357/10.5			
CS-362	Transmission-near	TC15247			
CS-363	Front wheel	TC40529			
CS-364	Rear wheel	TB40528			
CS-365	Rear wheel	TC54052/587.5			
CS-366	Valve				
 SANTANA Jette					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-367	Crankshaft front	HTCR324710			Two color
CS-368	Crankshaft rear	HTCL8510512			Two color
CS-369	 cover	YB8144			
CS-370	Gear lever	TCY18275.5/8			
CS-371	Transmission-near	TCY18306.4/8.1			
CS-372	Transmission-front	TC21.9408			
CS-373	Axle shaft	HTCR506510			
CS-374	Valve				
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-375	Crankshaft front	HTCR42666			
CS-376	Crankshaft rear	HTCL851059			
CS-377	Camshaft	HTCR36507			
CS-378	Axle shaft left	HTCR405811.3			
CS-379	Axle shaft left	HTGR405811			
CS-380	Axle shaft right	29.854711.3			
CS-381	Axle shaft	HTGR29.85479.9			
CS-382	Rear wheel	48.96310.8/12.8			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-383	Valve 	812/15.49.5			
CS-384	Transmission first shaft	TB30478			
CS-385	Accessory case	HTGR507010			
CS-386	Transmission main shaft	TB536810			
CS-387	Camshaft	HTGR55708			
CS-388	Front wheel	TA2558010			
CS-389	Differential-pinion	TA2609012.5			
CS-390	Differential-pinion	HTB29609014/16.3			
CS-391	Crankshaft front	HTGR709010			
CS-392	Rear wheel	TA2709012			
CS-393	Crankshaft rear	HTGL9011513			
CS-394	Crankshaft rear	HTCL10011810			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-395	Crankshaft front	HTCR35*48*10			
CS-396	Axle shaft	HTCR45*60*8			
CS-397	Transmission-front	24.9408			
CS-398	Transmission-near	16246			
CS-399	Crankshaft rear	8510512			
CS-400	Front wheel(iron)	40526			
Dongfeng Pickup EQ-1061					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-401	Alternator	TC14247			
CS-402	Wteering-worm	TC35568			
CS-403	Transmission first shaft	HTCR38529			
CS-404	Transmission main shaft	HTGL456210			
CS-405	Differential-pinion	DCY558026			
CS-406	Front wheel	HTGR799710			
CS-407	Rear wheel-outer	DCY8511015			
CS-408	Rear wheel-inner	9514014			
CS-409	Axle shaft	9514014			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-410	CA1046 Diretion machine	TC30448			
CS-411	CA1046 Transmission-front	TC304510			
CS-412	CA1046 Axle shaft	TC36467			
CS-413	CA1046 Transmission-rear	TC457212			
CS-414	CA1046 Drive shaft	TC458012			
CS-415	CA1046 Diffential	TC478410			
CS-416	CA1046 Front wheel	TC558212			
CS-417	CA1047 Rear wheel	TC10012012			
CS-418	CA1026 Camshaft	TC35528			
CS-419	CA1026 Crankshaft rear	TB35528			
CS-420	CA1026 Crankshaft rear	TB9111110			
CS-421	CA1026 Diretion machine	TC30447			
CS-422	CA1026 Axle shaft	TC355510			
CS-423	CA1026 transmission main shaft(new)	TC385811			
CS-424	CA1026 Diffential	TC427512			
CS-425	CA1026 Transmission rear	TC456510			
CS-426	CA1026 transmission main shaft	TC456512			
CS-427	CA1026 Rear wheel	TC506710			
CS-428	CA1026 Front wheel	TC54689			
CS-429	CA488 Crankshaft Front	TB35528			
CS-430	CA489 Crankshaft Rear	TB9111110			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-431	Gas pump	TC305012			
CS-432	Transmission first shaft	TC43639			
CS-433	Axle shaft	TC557012			
CS-434	Transmission main shaft	607515			
CS-435	two-dimensional dustproof	TC61769			
CS-436	Differential-pinion	TC629312			
CS-437	CA141 Crankshaft front	TC659012			
CS-438	CA141Crankshaft rear	TC10012512			
Lanjian 130 seriese					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-439	Oil seal	TC14247			
CS-440	Axle	TC36467			
CS-441	Oil seal	TC458010			
CS-442	Differential rear	TCY478410/12.5			
CS-443	Oil seal	HSC558212.5			
CS-444	Front wheel	TC598512.7			
CS-445	Oil seal	TC608012			
CS-446	Oil seal	TC60829			
CS-447	Rear wheel	TC9812013			
CS-448	Crankshaft rear	TC10012013			
CS-449	Oil seal	HTC5L100135/14015			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-450	Crankshaft front	TC608512			
CS-451	Crankshaft rear	TC10012512			
QI CHAI					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-452	Crankshaft front	TC659012			
CS-453	Crankshaft rear	TC10012512			
DA CHAI					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-454	Crankshaft front	TC729512			
CS-455	Crankshaft rear	TC10012512			
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-456	Crankshaft front	44607			
CS-457	Crankshaft rear	851038			
CS-458	Transmission-front	30456			
CS-459	Transmission-near	365210			
CS-460	Camshaft	35508			
CS-461	Oil pump drive gear	20307			
CS-462	Differential rear	3971/807/17.5			
CS-463	Rear wheel	50659			
CS-464	Rear wheel inner(Standard)	35588.5			
CS-465	Rear wheel outer(Standard)	42.8865.049.5/12.5			
CS-466	Rear wheel inner(Lengthen)	38.263.59			
CS-467	Rear wheel outer(Lengthen)	47.773.112.5			
CS-468	Rear wheel	45589			
CS-469	Crankshaft front	41567			
CS-470	Crankshaft rear	799511			
CS-471	Crankshaft front	365210			
CS-472	Crankshaft rear	851039			
QUAN SHUN Seriese					
Unicom No.	Description	Size	OEM No.	Application	Remark
CS-473	Transmission first shaft	28408		NBR	
CS-474	Transmission main shaft	40588.5		NBR	
CS-475	Front wheel	497813		NBR	
CS-476	Front wheel inner(single tyre)	63789.5/15.5		NBR	
CS-477	Rear wheel outer(single tyre)	4577.59		NBR	
CS-478	Wheel hub outer(double tyre)	69.610012.5/20		NBR	
CS-479	Wheel hub inner(double tyre)	57826.7/12.7		NBR	
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