Why Mineral?


People are living in the era of over-eating and obesity but their bodies are in a nutritionally deficient state.
In particular, people fail to ingest adequate amounts of essential minerals, which aid in the efficient maintenance and improvement of human organs and skin. Mineral deficiency leads to the disease of human organs in many cases. 
It is becoming clear how "rich minerals" such as Calcium, Natrium, Magneseium, Kalium, and Sulfur function in human body. 
But scientific and medical researchers have yet to properly verify how all the minerals work in improving the human body.
Nevertheless, they unanimously agree that proper intake of minerals helps promote replacing the old with the new in the human body.


Naturally Removes Dead Skin Cells, Sebum and Germs With Enhanced Ionic Minerals

'Mineral Peeling 32' is a 100% natural therapeutic product(cosmetic) made from enhanced and ionized minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Kalium, Sulfur, Silica, Iron, Selenium, etc. The natural grapefruit seed extract which functions as antibiotic and antioxidant is added.

QTY:  - Mineral Peeling 32= 8.5 FL OZ / 250ml 
          - Peeling-aid Soap= 3.5 OZ / 100g 


Aqua Beata(Mineral-high mineral water) with Calcium, Magnesium, Kalium, Sulfur, Silica, Iron, Selenium and the natural grapefruit seed extract. 
Peeling-aid soap is made of 25 kinds of natural extracts such as Gingko, Ginseng, Aloe, V.E. Acetate, Glycyrrhozae Radox, etc.

"Why Peeling?" 
It is commonly found that too much dead cell, sebum and keratin are excreted in these modern times due to the changes in the environment, stress and chemical cosmetics. Dead cells and Sebum may accumulate in the pores of the skin unless they are properly excreted. 
The oxidation of sebum in the pores of the skin is major cause of skin troubles. Mineral Peeling 32 can prevent the oxidation of sebum. The best way to keep skin clean is to remove the remaining sebum in the pores and dispose of the waste before oxidation occurs.

*Mineral Peeling 32 will give your skin a healthy glow and clean it without damaging your skin.

Where to Use & Effect 
1. Mineral Peeling 32 makes your skin texture clean and soft by removing keratin, sebum and waste products.
2. Mineral Peeling 32 is especially effective for skin flaws that cant be helped by make-up.
3. Your skin will be glossy and resilient due to the skin-vitalizing effect of natural minerals.
4. Mineral Peeling 32 can be used for skin that is troubled by acne, excessive dryness or greasiness without side effects.
5. Men and women of all ages can use Mineral Peeling 32.

1. Spray Mineral Peeling 32 on bare, dry skin and face. 
2. Soap and hand-massage softly.(Do not use or mix with water.)
3. Repeat this process untill keratin, sebum and wastes come out. 
4. Wash your skin with soap and warm water.
5. After washing, spray Mineral Peeling 32 or 'Mineral Spray 32' like skin lotion to get moisturized and refined skin. 

* Peeling 1~2 times a week is recommended. 
* Use offered peeling-aid soap or other hard soap for peeling. Avoid neutral soaps such as Dove and Ivory.
* Do not mix Mineral Peeling 32 with other water.
* This product is not medicine. Do not eat.
* Do not use this product if you have sensitive or dry skin.

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