kratingdaeng--RED Bull ENERGY DRINK IN 50 X 150 ML bottles

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1 pack is 10 x 100/150 ml and 1 carton is 5 packs

Product Description

RED Bull ENERGY DRINK IN 50 X 150 ML bottles
This is the100/150 ml bottle extended for selling inside Thailand version with sugar and with high caffein present among other things,
label /sticker in any lanquage avalible. The packing is as follows :1 pack is 10 x 100/150 ml and 1 carton is 5 packs
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Product Feature

It has gone from a truck drivers pick-me-up in Thailand to the trendiest new drink in Europe - when served with vodka! | A stalwart pick-me-up drink for workers in South East Asia which has found a niche by repackaging itself and marketing to the club circuit in Europe as a trendy vodka mixer. | "Red Bull" Brand was formulated by an Austrian. There are similar drinks in AP and Red Bull in AP is a different formulation to RB in Europe. It has been a "club" drink in Europe for around five years. | Some readers have suggested that Red Bull is not an Asian brand - Red Bull was initially developed in Thailand, and the rights were bought to market it world-wide excluding Thailand, which continued producing it's own brand. Red Bull in Thailand has a different formula and marketing plan than the non-Thailand version. (Eds.)

Product Specification / Models

The packing is as follows :1 pack is 10 x 100/150 ml and 1 carton is 5 packs


Sugar 29.000 mg
Caffein 50 mg
Nicotinamide 20 mg
Dexpanthenol 5 mg
Lysine 50 mg
Cyanocobalamin 4 mcg
Taurine 1.000 mg
Choline Bitartrate 50 mg
Inositol 50 mg
Vitamin B6 3 mg

Ponceau 4R
Tartrazine c.l.19140
Citric Acid
Sodium benzoate As Preservative
Sucrose and Flavourings

Other Information

Right from the start, Red Bull Thai edition looks quite different than its US or European counterpart. Packaged in a 150ml glass bottle and labeled as a liquid vitamin supplement, the packaging definitely presents the product in a different light than the stock 8.2 oz can that energy drinks usually come in. As for the taste, the core flavor is the same as the other formulations, but this one is not carbonated and is much sweeter than the others. Not too mention that the taste is actually palatable. Overall, much better than the US formulation. Give it a try.
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