KJBX-950 disc chipper,wood chipper,Wood Chipping Machine,Wood Slicer

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Disc Chipper KJBX-950 with electric motor(Can be attached with crusher) 

Raw material for Disc Chipper is mainly log. To ensure the unity of the material, strip the bark. And chipping products are mostly refine wood chips. 
Machine name: KJBX-950 Disc Chipper            
Type: Fixed type, out feeding conveyor belt can be choosen. Engine type can be chosen.
In feeding: Man made infeeding from side.                        
Out feeding: 3.0m Centrifugal duct. 
Electrical control cabinet: Standard type  low-voltage control cabinet.
Diameter of infeeding open: 30-200mm.      
Number of Blades: 6 pieces.
Rotor speed: 850rpm.                           
Speed of in feed: 38-43m/minute.
Feed curvature: <15%
Capacity: 8-12m                            
Power of main motor: 55KW.
Dimensions: 2000*1200*1600mm.       
Gross Weight: 1780kg.

*BX-950 Disc Chipper with internal combustion engine (BX-950N Disc Chipper) could be modified to Tractable mobile type according to customer's requirements.

 Payment :T/T,L/C 
 Delivery :20 DAYS 
 Origin :CHINA 
 Minimum Order: 1 UNIT 
 Packaging: PLYWOOD CASE 

Contact Information
Mrs. Amy Chen
  ( Sales Manager )
Address : No. 24 Weixing Road, Hebi, Henan, China 458000
Phone : 86-133-0392-9597
Fax : 86-392-6987-278
Mobile : 86-186-3992-2805