Hyundai Excavator Bucket

Product Description

Product Description
The specifications and types of our buckets are applicable to over 90 kinds of excavators such as KOMATSU, HITACHI, KATO, SUMITOMO, CAT, KOBELCO, DAEWOO, HYUNDAI, etc. According to different operating conditions, various kinds of buckets are reasonably designed from shapes, materials, thickness of plates, and stress features, etc. The bucket capacity is from 0.25 m3 to 2.6 m3. Advanced digital control flame (plasma) cutting machinery, large lapping machinery, and CO2 protective welding machinery guarantee the quality of our products.

Categories and Main Differences of Our Buckets:
1. Standard Buckets: Standard bucket materials and quality homemade tooth holders.
2. Heavy duty Buckets: Quality structural steel with high strength and quality homemade tooth holders.
3. Rock Buckets: Wear resistant steel with high strength, reinforced high stress parts, thicker abrasive parts, reinforcing ribs at bottom, and rock-oriented SBIC products from South Korea.

Applications of Our Buckets:
1. Standard Buckets: Light duty operations like the excavation of clays and the loading of sand, earth, and gravel, etc. 2. Heavy duty Buckets: Heavy duty operations like the excavation of hard soil, earth mixed with soft stones, and soft stones and the loading of breakstones and gravels. 3. Rock Buckets: Heavy duty operations like the excavation of earth mixed with hard stones, solid rocks, and weathered granite and the loading of solid rocks and dynamited ores.
We supply various kinds of excavator buckets as below:
1. KOMATSU(PC55-PC650)
2. HITACHI(EX60-EX400/ZX35-ZX870)
3. CASE(CX55-CX460)
4. Caterpillar(CAT305.5-CAT385)
5. Sumitomo(SH75-SH460)
6. HYUNDAI(R55-R505)
7. Doosan(DH35-DH500)
8. VolvoEC55 Adapation of KOMATSU(PC55EC700)
9. Adaptation of mini-excavator(Yanmar, Takuechi, Kubota, IHISCE, JCB, Sunward, Yuchai)
10. According to customer needs,develop and design kinds of shaped buckets,do our best to meet customer requirements.

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