Product Description

Hoof and Horn Meal steamed at 133 degree centigrade sized 2.5mm Content 13-14% Nitrogen Used as nitrogenic Bio Fertilizer Bone Grist: Sized as per requirement Steamed and non steamed Best used as Phosphetic Fertilizer

Product Feature

STEAMED HORNS & HOOVES MEAL: is the best and long lasting organic fertilizer with high nitrogen content. It is N P Bio Fertilizer. Unlike synthetic fertilizer it can remain in the soil for one to two years and releases its nutrients to plants slowly. Being natural it gives no harm to plant and shrubs.

Product Specification / Models

Contains: KERATIN is very resistant against mineralization process. Nitrogen: is degraded very slowly by soil microorganisms . Nitrogen is released very progressively.


Steamed Hornes and Hoof meal is used as Organic fertilizer. Slow but rich release nutrition for plants by only twice fertilization a year: spring and autumn. It is possible to obtain excellent results in rice-growing, horticulture, floriculture and grass carpets system.
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