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Product Description

HGD-Golden Dragon 2010 the best Device between and the best Long Range Gold Detector device with automatic systems work Wonderful , very carefully and effectively to locate Last gold and silver in under the ground .

Product Specification / Models

Specifications and features: 1 - This device operates on a system of remote sensing long-term 2 - detector for gold and silver under the ground 3 - detecting the depth of 8 meters underground 4 - Detects for a distance of 2000 meters in each direction 360 degrees 5 - an optional system to search for the metal than gold or silver. 6 - determines the direction and location of the target from a distance. 7 - sets the target location and a point of drilling it. 8 - Specifies the depth of the target accurately, before drilling it. 9 - with a computerized LCD screen illuminated, to clarify the disclosure statements and the selection of the metal. 10 - with a system control the level of sensitivity of the search, to control the fast detection and explorative capabilities. 11 3 Units antennas (transmitter and receiver antennas) the kind of strong and resistant, removable and installation 12 - equipped with easy carry handle and flexible movement. 13 - Made from the best plastics, electronics and electronic parts and micro-sensors and sensed. 14 - works in all types of terrain and all temperatures, humidity, and various climatic conditions 15- is not affected stations, telecommunications, and power lines, high-pressure high. 16 - Runs on 9-volt battery interchangeable.

Other Information

Parts and components: 1 Console of the device (unit transmitter and receiver) 2 - 3 of the receiving antennas, direction, removable and installation 3 - handle and the holder of the device demountable, installation 4 - education programs on the device (DVD) 5 - catalogs Arabic and English 6 - Carrying device 7- Warranty an international for three years 8- manufactory Warranty for a period of three years. . Made in Usa
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