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LKU-1000 lock

Dual backset deadbolt type BLE door lock with Fob technology. - LED Notification - Low battery warning sound. - Manner mode - Manual mode - Interface with smart phone
Category: Hardware | Locks
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Mei Sapphire Bracket

Silica coating Excellent dental earthetics Suitable base angle Minimized discomfort Circular base Surface observation of De-bonding base -Then base surface of the Granule Coating -Optimal bonding and comfortable de-bonding effect due to minimized base ...
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Auto-lock Handle AGH-310

Our handle is a high-functioned and sophisticatedly designed hardware system. The auto-lock handle is a device which locks or unlocks automatically when opening and closing the sliding window. It is easy to install and it helps to work smoothly. It ...
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ABRAVIES (Shot Ball)

- Definition: A technology realizing various functions (such as improved durability, added functionality, enhanced appearance etc) to products through surface treatment of the products without changing their characteristics - Scope: The surface...
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Clamping Sets with Metal Rack

Metal Rack [Product Description] Clamping Sets with Metal Rack Product Name CS Quality of the material S45C Hardness HRC34~36 Painting Errosoferric Oxide Steel Film
Category: Hardware | Clamps
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Poogunee fabric softener product Description

- Fabric Softener - Drum / Two-way for general products- Scent : Freesia, Lavender, Fresh Blue - Capacity : 3.5 Liters
Category: Hardware | Washers
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Comenius Series

Cutting Edge Touch Technology The Comenius Series of displays utilize the most cutting-dege designs and technology. Combined Capacitive and EMR sensing provides precision, accuracy, and adaptability for various high-end use cases. The Comenius Series ...
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Auto Multi table

Multi-table is a table where beverages, teas or Smartphones are placed within a vehicle. The table in vehicles is also foldable so can be used in width. The multi-table allows the driver or the passengers to place their food, beverages or mobile ...
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Model NO.: TC72-10 Stainless Steel Tool Chest with 10 drawers & with non-slide drawer liners.Overall size:72 inches width. Brushed 304-grade 19-gauge. 1.0mm thickness stainless steel sheet. Top compartment with dual heavy-duty gas struts Dual...
Hong Kong
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Magnetic Catch

Features Model : BY3-56-3 Materials : Catch Case- Polyacetal, Magnet- Neodymium, Plate- Stainless Steel Magnetism is strong because of neodymium which is powerful and permanet The magnetism come out to the side of magnetic catch. Size : Catch- 50mm x ...
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diamond tools

Segment size and number for references: Diameter of saw blade(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm) Height(mm) Number(pcs) 300 38 3.0/3.2 10/12/15 21 350 38 3.2/3.4 10/12/15 24 400 38 3.6/3.8 10/12/15 28 450 38...

Mingrui company gas spring supplier gas spring for bed tool box

Drawing: D=tube diameter               d=piston rod diameter S=stroke                 L=total...

Kitchen tissue holder

Material: Wire with copper plating Available for various design Packing: As customer required

full extension concealed runner for basket(The Side) YS733A

Product name: full extension concealed runner for basket(The Side) Model: YS733A Brand : YSWJ Opening: single full extension soft closing runner for basket Finish : Galvanize Installation way : 3-fold concealed runner for basket(The Side) Load...

Pro-face touch screen

Models of Pro-face touch screen A&S Photoelectric Induction High-Technology Co., Ltd. can provide: Pro-face GP2500-TC11 Human Machine Interface , Pro-face GP2500-LG41-24V Human Machine Interface , Pro-face GP2301H-LG41-24V Human Machine Interface ,...

custom hydraulic transfer press stamping die manufacture

  Product Name  custom hydraulic transfer press stamping die manufacture     Material of Die D2, SKH-9, SKD11, A3,SKD61 etc. Design Software AutoCAD, PRO/E Die Type Stamping press...

NFE25511 Best Selling Lock/Flat Washer / Washers

NFE25511 Dimension   d dc h H Nominal Diameter Max Min Nominal Tolerance Nominal Tolerance Max Min 3 3.35 3.1 6 ±0.24 0.5 ±0.03 0.9 0.7 8 ±0.29 0.6 1 0.8 10 ±0.29 0.6 1.2 0.95 4 4.4 4.1 8 ±0.29 0.8 1.2 1 10...

Metal Parts with Steel for Motor

1. Materials: iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and other metals 2. Specification: according to drawings and samples 3. Thickness: as per drawings requirement 4. Surface treatment: zinc plated, power coated, chrome plated, hot-dip...