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We are specialized in Colour TV FBT,Tuner,Inverter,Switch power supply,Romote control and so on!I can assure you that the quality of these products are good and the price is reasonable.Welcome to negotiate with us!
Tel:020 31027455 or 020 31027456 QQ:814858307
Address:No.45,Golden G Buiding 202, Luo Chong Wei Chung-East Industrial Area, Baiyun District,Guangzhou

Other Information

we also have other models:
BSC23-2631S LTF00CPS2060
BSC21-2042S LTF00CPS2053
BSC21-2016S LTF00CPS2040
BSC21-2039S LTF00CPS2048
BSC21-2038S LTF00CPS2049
BSC21-2047S LTF00CPS2050
BSC24-2688S RTRNFA113WJZZ 夏普
BSC26-2631S RTRNFA122WJZZ 夏普
BSC22-2674S RTRNFA037WJZZ 夏普
BSC21-2646S RTRNFA004WJZZ 夏普
BSC22-2686S RTRNFA036WJZZ 夏普
BSC26-N2327S 1109462
BSC25-N2372S 1100768
BSC24-N2388 1008123/1010560
BSC25-N2378S 1102139
BSC25-N2318S 1010754
BSC26-N2318S 79A774-504 EG AOC
BSC25-N2399S 79A793-504 EG AOC
BSC26-N2321S 79A563W CG-504 AO and so on !
Free Member since Jan 18, 2010
No.202,G Building, Jinhua Industrial Area,No.45 Songgang East Road, Luo Chong Wei, Baiyun District,Guangzhou,China, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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