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Product Description

Note counting Machine, Heavy duty Desktop Type Note Counter , Floor Type Note Counting machine , Money Counter, Currency Counter, Note Counter Machine , Note Counter Machine. Banknote Desktop Counters DeLaRue 1600 Cost-effective Counter 2010 Standard Counter 2610 Counter with Counterfeit Detection 2650 Counter with Counterfeit Detection EV86-Series - Next Generation Counting Nvision Multi-currency Fitness Counter/Sorter 8643 Heavy-duty Counter 8672 High-speed Counter 2800vb Magner Model 35 Currency Counter , 35-3 Model , 75 series Model 75V . Glory Gfb-800/900 Ncl Nrf-555 Nrf-610 Jet Scan (Two Pockets) Chihua Ch-263a Cummins Jetcount Banknote Floortype Counters De La Rue 1250HS Spindle Counter MUSASHI BR-1 Glory GNH-200

Product Feature

Automatic and Manual start/stop, batch counting, chain notes detection, double notes detection, half notes detection, DD(width) detection, UV/MG detection(option), metal thread detection(option)

Product Specification / Models

Counting speed: 1600 notes/min, 1000 notes/min, 600 notes/min Hopper capacity: 400 notes Stacker capacity: 200 notes Size of countable notes: 50X90-110X175mm Thickness of countable notes: 0. 075-0. 15mm Counting display: Seven digits LCD Batch display: Three digits LCD Power source: AC100V to AC240V, 50/60Hz Power consumption: ≤40W Dimensions: 272X235X239mm Net weight: 5. 3 Kg Gross Weight: 6. 3 Kg Detection function: DD(width) detection UV detection(option) MG detection(option) Metal thread detection(option)

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