CYCLONE 866F Motorcycle Security Alarm

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Product Description

AMAZINGLY COMPACT YET VERSATILE. Kiramek engineered the CYCLONE 866F to be the smallest "full-featured" motorcycle security system in the world. The driving force behind this compact design was the need to fit the 866F within the seat compartment of any motorcycle. With almost no space available for mounting a security device, Harley Davidson bikes served as our greatest design challenge. The end result was a security system the size of a pack of cigarettes, with features that match or beat bulkier competing products. Kiramek is now pleased to offer this marvel of Japanese engineering to markets outside Japan.

Product Feature

HI-TECH TILT SENSING. At the heart of the 866F rests a sophisticated RISC microprocessor and A/D converter. The processor calculates bike inclination changes on two axis by reading the output of an advanced accelerometer chip. But unlike competing products that rely on fragile "ADXL" accelerometers, our engineers selected a new thermal-shift sensing accelerometer that has no moving parts. The 866F uses the only accelerometer that can withstand shocks of up to 50,000g -- making it resilient against jackhammer-like vibrations in motorcycles. CYCLONE security sets the standard for tilt sensor reliability, accuracy and durability.

* Tampering Alert Pager System with 2,000 foot range
* Bike-Specific, Quick Install Wiring Harnesses
* Secondary Waterproof 120dB Battery Backup Siren
* 2-Button Rolling-Code Transmitter (866F can learn 3 total)

Product Specification / Models

Dimensions: 58 x 83 x 28mm
Power Source: (+)12v
Current Consumption: 4mA (1mA sleep mode)
Backup Battery: 4.8v, 200mAh NiMh
Siren: 120dB (1ft distance), 136dB (at speaker)
Built-in Relay: 12v @ 20A max (CDI connection)


For use with motorcycles, scooters, ATV's, boats and other watercraft, golf carts -- any vehicle that has a 12-volt battery.

Other Information

FULL-FEATURED SECURITY. Have a look at our 866F Features and Operation Guide for details:

DEALER CUSTOMIZABLE. Kiramek is happy to accommodate custom branding and/or packaging designs. Please email us for details.
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