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Construction Lift

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Company: LS TECH Co., Ltd.
Membership: Free Member since May 21, 2007
Country/Region: KoreaKorea
Address: #8206, Doowon college business incubator, Jangwon-ri,, Anseong-si, Kyungki-Do, Korea 456-718
Contact: Mr. Ji-Hye Lee
Phone: 82-31-675-6827
Fax: 82-31-675-6828
Mobile: 82-11-9083-9790
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Product Description
Our product, Ansim Lift, is a construction lift that is a device that carries people or goods up and down inside tall buildings in a construction job site. Our main strength lies in lift attached device for fall protection (ansim governor) -Ansim lift- to prevent industry disaster. Ansim lift is safe even for the fall of lift. This mechanism is incorporated with automatic sensing and control.
Product Feature
Loading cage
Variable size is available, which is optimized for construction site.

Operating part
With installation of strong specialized motor, the load is transferred safely and faster. Quintuple safety device ensures the prevention of any industrial safety accident.

Quality management
Through several in-house test runs and quality management system, the prompt operable product of quality-first policy is delivered.

Overload prevention device
It consists of electronic devices, and without any error, detects the overload.

Inverter device
This ensures the best comfortable ride than conventional low speed model.

Joystick lever device
It is easier to use than conventional push remote control switch, and possible to control the speed freely.

Governor (fall prevention device)
When the brake is not working during operation, the governor stops the lift at the over 130% of nominal speed.

Ansim governor
Along with conventional fall prevention device, the ratchet clutch is operated by centrifugal force. At 130% of nominal speed, the power opens. Under 140%, the oil pressure pump operates by the increase of revolution speed in medium speed gear part to make a brake with absorbing shock from the revolution disk in pinion detection part after stopping of cylinder brake at the both sides of guide rail.

Brake releasing device
When the lift is stopped in emergency and not operating, the brake can be incrementally opened to descent.

Emergency stop switch
In case of emergency during operation, the operator can cut the power with this device.

Stop switch for upper and bottom part
This is automatic stopping device when the cage is arrived at top portion of mast or bottom portion.

Over rising prevention device
When the upper limit switch is not operating, this device runs secondly to prevent secession of cage due to over rise.

Door opening prevention device
When door is open, the lift is not working by this device.

Self monitoring device
When the anomaly happens during operation, this device can locate the failed part precisely. This is installed for quicker repair.

Product Specification / Models
-Capacity: 1,000Kg -Speed : 37.7m/min -Cage :Single/Twin

-Capacity: 1,200Kg -Speed : 37.9m/min -Cage :Single/Twin

-Capacity: 1,000Kg -Speed : 0~70m/min -Cage :Single/Twin

-Capacity: 1,500Kg -Speed : 37.9m/min -Cage :Single/Twin

-Capacity: 1,500Kg -Speed : 0~70m/min -Cage :Single/Twin

-Capacity:2,000Kg -Speed : 37.9m/min -Cage :Single/Twin

-Capacity: 2,000Kg -Speed : 0~70m/min -Cage :Single/Twin

A construction lift is a device that carries people or goods up and down inside tall buildings in a construction job site.
Contact Information
Mr. Ji-Hye Lee
  ( Overseas Sales , Assistant Manager )
Company : LS TECH Co., Ltd.
Address : #8206, Doowon college business incubator, Jangwon-ri,, Anseong-si, Kyungki-Do, Korea 456-718
Phone : 82-31-675-6827
Fax : 82-31-675-6828
Mobile : 82-11-9083-9790