Caterpillar Cartridge

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Company: Henan General Machinery I &E Co., Ltd
Membership: Free Member since Dec 12, 2007
Country/Region: ChinaChina
Address: 19,Minhang Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China 450008
Contact: Ms. Alice Shao
Phone: 86-371-6385-0803
Fax: 86-371-6393-4783
Mobile: 139-3714-96-03
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Product Description
Replacment for Cater pillar Cartridge
Product Feature
Totally interchargeable with OEM Part
Product Specification / Models
Original No. DESC. CAT MODEL
3G2722 Cartridge 641B/650B/666B/660B
3G2749 Cartridge 619C/631A
3G2749 Cartridge 830M
1U2664 Cartridge 631B/631C/633B/633D/637A/633C/639D
1U2664 Cartridge 824A/834A
1U2664 Cartridge 826B
1U2664 Cartridge 835
1U2664 Cartridge 988A
3G2720 Cartridge 619C/631B/631A/651C/641B/651B/651E
4T3196 Cartridge 914A
3G7658 Cartridge 920A/966A/930A/528A/613B/613C
3G7658 Cartridge D7F/D7G/D8H/D8K/D9H
3G7653 Cartridge 613B/613C
1U2665 Cartridge 926A/930A
1U3519 Cartridge 943A
3G2200 Cartridge 922B
3G2200 Cartridge D4D/D4E
9J7891 Cartridge 815A
1U3952 Cartridge 815B
1U3952 Cartridge 973A/992B
3G7653 Cartridge 518A
3G7663 Cartridge 613C/631B/631C/633B/637A/633C
3G7663 Cartridge D9H/D9G/D8K
3G7654 Cartridge 922B
1U2666 Cartridge D8L
3G2195 Cartridge 916A/941B/951B/951C
1U2666 Cartridge 988A
1U2652 Cartridge 814B/816B
1U2652 Cartridge 936A
3G2718 Cartridge 920A
3G2196 Cartridge 941B/951B/951C
3G7652 Cartridge 623B
3G7662 Cartridge D9L
1U3519 Cartridge D4D
1U2668 Cartridge D4D/D5A/D6B/922B
1U2668 Cartridge 951C/824B/834A
1U2668 Cartridge 814A/815A
1U2668 Cartridge 561C
3G2752 Cartridge 615A/623A/631B/633A/630B/632A
3G2752 Cartridge 768B
3G2752 Cartridge 769B
3G2752 Cartridge 936A/950A/992B
3G7655 Cartridge 621A/631B
3G7655 Cartridge D6C/D7F/D7G/D8K/D9H
3G1267 Cartridge 814A/815A/816A
3G1267 Cartridge 768B
4T6869 Cartridge 816B/815B
4T6869 Cartridge 922A/922B/930A
4T6869 Cartridge 631C
3G2834 Cartridge 627B
3G2834 Cartridge 966D/966C
3G1267 Cartridge 561B
3G1267 Cartridge 930A
4T6869 Cartridge V700/V900CH/V925
4T6869 Cartridge 814B
3G2834 Cartridge 623B
3G2834 Cartridge 966B
1U2669 Cartridge 825C
1U2669 Cartridge 631A/633A/650A/660A/666A
1U2669 Cartridge D8L
3G7664 Cartridge 922B
3G7664 Cartridge 621B/623B
3G1266 Cartridge 594A/594H/561B
3G1266 Cartridge 951A
3G1266 Cartridge D5D/D6B
3G2835 Cartridge 772A/773A
3G2835 Cartridge 824C
3G2835 Cartridge 826C
7J0570 Cartridge 950B
3G2837 Cartridge 623B/627B
3G2837 Cartridge 966B/966C/966D
6E2396 Cartridge 950F
6E2396 Cartridge 815F
3G7666 Cartridge 627A/623A/621A/633D/633E/639D/639E
9T2200 Cartridge 583H/583K
1U3953 Cartridge 633A/650B
1U3953 Cartridge D7E/D6C/D7G/D8H/D9H
3G7665 Cartridge 641B/650B/651E/651B/657B/657E/660B/666B
3G7665 Cartridge 983B
9T2200 Cartridge 772A/773A
9T2200 Cartridge 915A/936A/G936
9T2200 Cartridge AM25A
4T1893 Cartridge 950B
100-2961 Cartridge 960F
3G2238 Cartridge 824C
3G2238 Cartridge 825B/826C
3G2238 Cartridge 769B
3G2238 Cartridge 627B/630B/631B/632A/633A
3G2236 Cartridge 980B/768B
3G2236 Cartridge 769A
3G7660 Cartridge 657B/657E/637A/651E/631C/651B/641B/621A/631B
3G7660 Cartridge 830M
3G7660 Cartridge 966D/983B
3G7660 Cartridge D8H/D9G
6E2387 Cartridge 966D
3G7656 Cartridge 637A/627A/633C
3G7656 Cartridge 824B/834A/D9L
3G7656 Cartridge 977L/977K/980B
6E2387 Cartridge 966E/966F
3G7667 Cartridge 639D/639E/633D/633E
3G7667 Cartridge 966C
3G7657 Cartridge 623B/633D/633E/639D/639E
3G7657 Cartridge 980A/966B/966C/966D
3G2234 Cartridge 633C/630B/633B/623A/660B/666A
3G2234 Cartridge 641B/650B/651B/651C/651E/657B/657C/657E
1U2671 Cartridge 633C/633D/631B/631C/633B/637A/639D/623B/623E
1U2671 Cartridge 772A/773A
1U2671 Cartridge 830M
1U2671 Cartridge 922B/988A
Wheel Dozer
Wheel Dozer
Track Loader
Wheel Loader
Contact Information
Ms. Alice Shao
  ( Export Department , International Sales )
Company : Henan General Machinery I &E Co., Ltd
Address : 19,Minhang Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China 450008
Phone : 86-371-6385-0803
Fax : 86-371-6393-4783
Mobile : 139-3714-96-03