Product Description

FOB Procedure:

1.Upon signing and sealing SPA and returning same with Buyers VESSEL PARTICULARS including the charter or pre-charter invoice to the seller.

2. Seller in partnership with NNPC will issue to Buyers vessel LAY-CAN to sail to Bonny Terminal for Loading.

3. Seller will guarantee the clearance of Buyers VESSEL in and out of Bonny Terminal.

4 Buyer issues a BG/LC for the full value of the cargo and all commissions while the Buyer VESSEL is being loaded at the Terminal.

5 Buyer elect to perform Q & Q inspection of his VESSEL, until and when the Q & Q is completed and vessel is ready to sail to its final destination.

6 Upon completion of outturn Buyers Letter of Credit ( L/C)/BG immediately pays for quantity LOADED ONLY against FINAL Q & Q REPORT.

All discharge documents will be as follows:
I. Delivery Discharge Certificate signed by NNPC and Buyer s Captain confirming the outturn discharge quantity of crude oil into M/T xxxx.
II. Seller s Final Commercial Invoice.
III. Quality Certificate and Quantity Report issued by SGS and signed by both Captain s, evidencing the Outturn Quantity and date of completion of discharge/transfer of crude oil into M/T xxxx.
IV. Buyer s Letter of acceptance of the quality of the cargo loaded on Seller s vessel and their instruction to transfer the cargo into Buyer s vessel.


Product Feature

The BLCO BREND shall comply with the Following Nigerian
National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Official Technical Specifications:
1. Specific Gravity @ 60F/15.55C 0.8387- 0.8498
2. API Specific Gravity @ 60F/15.55C 35.0 37.0Max
3. Density at 60F/1515.55C-Cg-CM-MAC 0.85Max
4. Pour point: <40F/4.44C
5. Sulphur Content Wt, Pct (%): 0.14Max
6. Color: Dark Brown
7. Salinity: TB at 0.10% BS7W 47.0Max
8. Acid number: 0.39Max
9. Reid Vapour Pressure: 6.52psig Max
10. Water & sediment Content. Pct (%) 11.00%Max
11. Iron Wt, ppm 1.00Max
12. Nickel Wt. Ppm 4.00Max
13. Vanadium Wt, p
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