Product Description

KST-BC-01 : BEACH CLEANING MACHINE has been designed to clean the 
            wide beach areas by sand collecting and sifter vibrating and removing 
            pieces of broken glasses & plastics, cigarette ends, small bit of 
            wood, animal excrement etc. 

Towed by a Farm Tractor and operated & powered by the Tractor P.T.O.

An assembly of Nylon Blade, operated by chains, load the sand mixed with litters on a 1st net-sifter, sand and litters are shot upwards and conveyed onto 2nd Transversal moving sifter.

Then the sand falls through on the ground and litters are collected in the rear basket. When it is full, it can be discharged into the Hopper on the top by the hydraulic system and operated from the Cabin of the Tractor. And top Hopper can be side discharged by hydraulic system.

Product Feature

1) Towed by a Tractor ( over 50HP) and operated & powered by the Tractor P.T.O.
2) Machine Frame : Made by Galvanized iron steel with painting to prevent corrosion & rust against seawater.
3)Max. Wide Working Width : 160CM
4)Hydraulic system to load and unload the waste busket
5)Working Performance : 20,000 SQM(m2)/Hour
6)Suitable for wise and large areas of beaches and seashore.
7)Tractor :Min. power-50HP tractor with 3point linkage

Product Specification/Models

1.OVERALL DIMENSION(Without Tractor):
1)Length : 1,880MM
2)Width : 1,800MM
3)Height : 1,770MM
4)Weight : 740kg

1)Working depth : 0 - 15CM
2)Working width : 160CM
3)Working Area : 20,000SQM(m2)/Hour
4)Working Speed : 5 - 10km /hour
5)Collecting basket : 0.5cum


1. Beach Cleaning & Levelling :
- Pieces of broken glasses & plastics
- Cigarette ends
- Small bit of wood,
- Animal excrement and etc

2. Levelling for Beach Surface

Other Information

1. Manufactured by Korea Special Tech Co., Ltd.
2. Production under the licenced with European Technology


L/C or T/T


With 2months after the receipt of L/C

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