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Detailed Description Common Misspellings: Affenpincher, Affinpinscher, Affinpincher, Athenpincher, Athenpinscher, Affanpincher, Affanpinscher
Laughter - and dog ownership - are reported to have many health benefits! With an Affenpinscher puppy, you and your family will have a lot of fun staying healthy as his cute doggie antics keep you rolling on the floor!
Looking for a great house pet? The Affenpinscher may just be the breed for you. This adorable smaller breed hails from Germany, and the name translates to "monkey terrier", possibly due to the breed's playful personality. The breed was known in France as the "Diablotin Moustachu", which means "Moustached Little Devil" in the French vernacular. Originally bred to control vermin populations in Germany, the breed has been around for centuries and is very popular as a house pet in Europe.
The Affenpinscher's expression makes one think: "Hmmm... what kind of mischief are you planning?". This loyal and affectionate breed enjoys the company of people and is generally accepting of strangers and family. If you are looking for a playful, tenacious and vivacious family pet, the Affenpinscher is a great choice - city or country!

Affenpinscher Dog Breed
Affenpinscher Size Variations:
Affenpinscher Colors: colors
Affenpinscher Exercise Needs: Moderate
Affenpinscher Grooming Needs: Moderate
Affenpinscher Life Expectancy (Lifespan) :12 to 14 years
Are Affenpinscher Dogs Good With Children?: Yes
Affenpinscher Training: Medium Difficult

Affenpinscher History
The Affenpinscher, otherwise known as the Monkey Terrier ('affe' means ape, or monkey, in German), is considered to be an ancient breed of dog, though his exact origins remain unknown and unrecorded. First note of these unique little dogs was made in Germany, as far back as the seventeenth century and they are speculated to be the founding breed, from which stemmed more popular breeds, such as the Brussels Griffon and, quite possibly, the Miniature Schnauzer, as well. Equally confusing is this rugged little canine's classifications; the American Kennel Club (AKC) labels the Affenpinscher as a toy breed where, in other places, he is renowned as a terrier. Indeed, his most well-known job title was that of a stable rat catcher.

Affenpinscher Appearance
Size: Standing an ideal 10 inches high at the shoulder, and weighing no more than 7-8 pounds, the Affenpinscher is a devoted and loyal pet, often choosing a single person to bond with. Despite his small stature, however, the Affenpinscher proudly displays his terrier blood with a bullheaded personality, common tendencies to become hyper-excited, and his refusal to back down from any aggressor, regardless of the size difference. If for no other reason alone, the Affenpinscher should always be kept on a leash when outside, and should never be left unattended, or he risks taking on the worldb& and getting into a world of trouble.

Coat: This bristly little imp has a harsh and wiry coat that is shorter on his body, but grows longer towards the head and legs. A pronounced mustache and beard give this comical little terrier a monkey-faced expression, hence his nickname and, while he is a very intelligent little animal, don't ever think that the Affenpinscher will be a piece of cake to train. Above and beyond all else, the Affenpinscher has mind all his own and, quite often, will bend his owners to his own whims.
Color: The most common color of the Affenpinscher is black, though it is not uncommon to find blacks with tan markings, or a mixture of red or gray in the coat. Their fur takes a moderate degree of work to upkeep, the main focus of attention being about the beard and eyes. The Affenpinscher should not be bathed too frequently, either, as frequent bathing can destroy the wirehaired quality of the dogb s coat, causing it to lose that crisp texture.

Affenpinscher Temperament & Personality
A very good watchdog, despite his tiny size, this courageous little canine makes a wonderful companion dog, especially for those who have limited physical activity.

Affenpinscher Exercise Needs
Affenpinschers are active little dogs that enjoy exercise. That being said, their size makes it easy to get the activity they need. While Affenpinschers will gladly accompany their owners on a walk, run or trip to the dog park, these cute little dogs can do quite well running around the yard or living room.
Affenpinscher Grooming Requirements
Grooming requirements are moderate; a good brushing several times a week is needed to keep the Affenpinsher looking it's best, and occasional trimming of the feet, tail and ears should also be performed.
Affenpinscher Training
Early and consistent obedience training is recommended with this breed to counter it's tendency towards stubbornness.

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