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99.2% High Quality Soda Ash

Specifications:competitive price 99.2% light Soda Ash for printing industry competitive price 99.2% light Soda Ash for printing industryWhite Powder True specific gravity 2.533 (20C), bulk density 0.90min. Easily soluble in water, Maximum solubility ...

Sodium Carbonate/ Soda ash

Soda ash Other name: sodium carbonate Molecular formula:Na2CO3 CAS NO.: 497-19-8 Product uses Soda ash also called sodium carbonate,and it is an important chemical material, widely used in building material, chemical, light industry, metallurgy, ...

Calcium Carbonate (Calcite)

Our Calcium Carbonate has best quality on whiteness, chemical metarials, and toughness. Our Calcium Carbonate has whiteness of 98% , purity of 99. 5% ca co3. Please see its spec below. There is not sio2 inside ore. It is produced from the whitest ores ...
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