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Refined Cane Sugar, Crystal white Suga Icumsa 45

We have the best quality refined white Sugar icumsa 45 cane and beet sugar .. See specification as blow. Packaging in 50kg bags loading 25 MT per 40feet container. COMMODITY TYPE:REFINED CANE SUGAR ICUMSA 45 SPECIFICATIONS: WHITE REFINED CANE SUGAR ...

Glyceryl Monostearate(GMS40)

Glycerin monostearate(GMS),molecular weight 358. Commercial products usually are yellowish solid wax in flake or poweder form, without odour and toxicity, containing a small quantity of glycerol distearate and glycerol tristearate. GMS is oil soluble ...

Refined soyabeans oil

We are leading and potential suppliers for refined soybeans oil and other edible oil. Physical and Chemical Analysis: Free Fatty Acid (% m/m Oleic Acid): 0,3 g maximum. Acid Number (mg KOH/g oil): 0,6 maximum. Peroxide Value (meq O2/kg oil): 10,0 ...
South Africa

E471-Self Emulsifier Food Grade glycerol monostearate( CAS NO:123-94-4)/ gms40% chemical SE-GMS40%

off-white Yellowish cetaceous soiled, used as emulsifier and surface active agent in food or cosmetics, the lubricant for PVC transparent grain. Insoluble in water, soluble in grease, paraffin, alcohol,chloroform, acetone and aether. HLB is ...

Pure Crude Iodine

We are leading manufacturer, exporter & supplier of Iodine ( fine iodine, crude iodine, prilled iodine) Cas no. 7553-56-2 We are leading manufacturer, exporter & supplier of Iodine ( fine iodine, crude iodine, prilled iodine) Cas no. 7553-56-2 ...


REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL Specific density (AT 20c): 0,918 - 0,920 Refractive index (AT 40c): 1.467 -1.469 Transparency of oil, max: 10 fem Acidity mg KOH % gm oil max: 0,1 - 0,6 Peroxide value mMol/kg oil max: 0,1 -0,7 Color value iodine, mg max: 4 ...

Turkish Grade A refined sunflower oil

Refined sunflower oil Specific Gravity at 20c; 0.916-0.923 Refractive Index at 20c; 1472-1474 Iodine Value; 120-143 Unsaponification; 2.5 Max Free Fatty Acid; 0.1% Max. as Oleic Acid Peroxide Value; 1 Max. (meg/kg) Color; Max. 2 Red (on 5 Lovibond ...

refined sugar

Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: 1-5 kg. PE bags 5-10 kg. PP, PP/PE bags 20-25 kg. PP, PP/PE bags 40-50 kg. PP, PP/PE bags Delivery Detail: 7 days WE SUPPLY THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF SUGAR WITH THEIR DETAILS AS STATED BELLOW: Raw Refined Crystal ...
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High Grade White Crystal Refined ICUMSA 45 Sugar Manufacturers

Raw Refined Crystal Muscavado Demerara Caster Icing Premium Liquid Sugar Fine Liquid Sugar Invert White Crystal Refined - Fine Granulated REFINED SUGAR GRADE A - ICUMSA 45 Icumsa : 45 RBU Polarization : 99.80% Min Ash content : 0.04% Max Moisture : ...
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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100% REFINED EDIBLE SUNFLOWER OIL FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, USED COOKING OIL, CANOLA, SOYBEAN OIL Physical and Chemical Analysis: Acidity (Free Fatty Acid): 0, 3 g maximum per 100 g. Peroxide Value (meq O2 / kg Oil) at End of Expiry Date: 8, 0 ...


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We are pharmaceutical company from Russia.We need next products:Lanoline - 80 000 kg per/year (Value acid 1 Max, Color <10)Vaseline, White Oil Stearic acid - 50 000 kg per/year (Iodine acid - 0/5 Max, Value acid - 204), Citirc acid.
Business Type: Importer
Russian Federation

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Sodium Iodide

Sodium Iodide, Spent grade.(recycled) any quantity.client has capacity to produce 5mt/mth pure iodine. Purpose: to extract pure iodine: non radio-active nature Target price USD18 per kg CIF North West UK


OUR DEMAND 10,000 MT OF PALM ACID OIL PER MONTH. OUR MINIMUM SHIPMENT IS 500MT. SPECS: FFA: MAXIMUM 80% Moisture AND impurities (M.I.U.): 4% MAX VALUE ASH: MAX. 0.15% Calorific VALUE: MINIMUM 36 000 MJL / KG. Iodine VALUE: MAXIMUM 42 GL2 / 100GRM .....