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400g natural buckwheat honey

Qaulity Index --Buckwheat honey Moisture: 18.5% max Sucrose: 5% max Reducing sugar: 65%min HMF: 40mg/kg max Diastase activity: 8.3 min ASH: 0.3% max Pb: not detectable Coliform: 29MPN/100g max Cfu: 20 cfu/g max Mold: 10 cfu/g max Antibiotics(General ...

delicious 100% frozen Ostrich B.B.Q Sausage with brazilian spices USD 8,90 per Kg.

B.B.Q Sausage, 100% Ostrich meat.B.B.Q Ostrich Sausage with prickly Pear and Mint Salsa INGREDIENTS 450g Ostrich Sausage. 30m1 (2 tbsp) mustard. 3Cm1 (2 tbsp) honey.½ small stem ginger chopped. 1 prickly pear chopped. 1 handful mint chopped. TO ...

Wheat Flour from Ukraine

Wheat flour of highest grade produced in accordance with GSTU46.004-99 and packaged in accordance with TU U00951706-002-97;Energy value (calories) per 100 g of the product: - 1397,5 kJ (334kcal) Dispatched: - in polypropylene bags with net weight of ...

acacia honey

No Chemicals are used in our beekeeping operation. And the apiaries are far away from the industry area and farm area. Our company is certified QS, HACCP, ISO9001,ISO14000, ISO22000. We pass the examination of SGS,CCIC,INTERTEK every year No Chemicals ...


Feature Figure : weight per piece various form 1 kgs to 2.5kgs or even up General it's 0.9-1.6 kgs to export rest to sell in inland It is oval-round shaped with 10-30cm of diameter General it's 15-18 CM will export Skin: Greenish yellow or light ...

fresh raw honey

Quick Details Product Type: Honey Place of Origin: South Africa (KZN ) Brand Name: Fragant Garden Color: Amber Packaging: Bulk Certification: HACCP,ISO Grade: A Shelf Life: 2 years Brix (%): 78 % Weight (kg): 290 kg Additives: none Max. Moisture (%): ...

Honey processing machine

This is honey machine line, including: honey machine, filters, storage tanks and filling machine.1.This machine has advanced inside and outside cover and honey recycle pipe which material is SS304 2. This machine has evaporator, pre-heating pot, ...

Non-GMO Corn (White or yellow, different grades)

$220.00-$270.00 per MT FOB COMMODITY: Yellow or white, Non GMO Maize, Grade A ORIGIN: Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, USA, Canada, India Packing: 50 kg bags, 25kg bags (Smaller bags also possible) Shipment: First shipment in 30-45 days and rest in every 30 ...
Category: Agriculture | Corn

honey pomelo

he pomelo is the largest member of the citrus fruits and grows throughout Asia, Malaysia, Tahiti, New Guinea, and Fiji. The fruit may be called pummelo, grapefruit, shaddock, or jabong. Shaddock is clearly not an Asian word. The pomelo has a light ...

honey processing machine 0086-15890067264

Honey processing machine  Features: 1.      honey processing machine principle:completely function, this machine can pump vacuum, melt crystal, filter sterilizing, fast cooling, continuous batching charging, continuous charging. 2.      ...

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brown bee wax,white bee wax

Beeswax name: Beeswax, bee wax, honey wax, beehive wax Price : 3 usd per Kg Origin: ..malaysia Beeswax range: crude beeswax, yellow beeswax refined, white beeswax refined, yellow beeswax pellets, white beeswax pellets. Pure Beeswax Supply ability: .....
Date: Oct 07, 2015
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Beautiful slimming fruit orange powder

Beautiful slimming fruit orange powder

[Product name]: Beautiful slimming fruit orange powder [Ingredient]:Malto dextrin, honey, fresh juice, citric acid, malic acid, seabuckthorn, cornsilk, fructus aurantii immaturus, garcinia cambogia. [Packaging]: 20g/sachet, 50 sachets per kg, in .....
honey pomelo

honey pomelo

Honey pomelo-top super fruit from Feature Figure : weight per piece various form 1 kgs to 2.5kgs or even up It is oval-round shaped with 10-30cm of diameter Skin: Greenish yellow or light yellow, smooth on the surface and white.....
Date: Apr 20, 2010
Category: Agriculture | Fruit

100% Pure Argentine Honey

We can offer 100% pure multifloral Argentine HONEY, bulk packing in 330 kg. drums approx. each, 60 drums per 20" container, colour 55 mm. max. moisture 18% max
Date: Mar 06, 2002
Polyflora Honey in 300 bulk

Polyflora Honey in 300 bulk

We offer polyflora honey packing in 300 kg new drums. Honey origin Ukraine. diastase min 10 Honey according with EU regulation for honey. Quantity 100 T per month. Price: 1580 Euro per T
Date: Mar 19, 2004