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PS coating Non-woven Swellable Tape

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Semi-conductive shielding rubber compound

This item is produced according to national standards , especially the related standard of peroxide cross-linked semi-conductive shielding rubber compound for insulation of EPR cable. It can be applied to cables with conductors' max permissible ...

Electrical Power Cable

ITECO's Power Cable meet the needs of customers and markets. Our products are used in power plants, international industrial sites, large buildings, factories, vehicles, ships, planes, and trains. Super-high voltage cables and connection materials ...
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ACSR conductor widely used in power transmission lines with various voltage levels, for they have the advantages as high mechanical strength, good conductivity, corrosion resistance, unit volume light, easy to set up, high temperature resistance,...

VV Copper Core PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Power Cable

VV Copper Core PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Power Cable   Model meaning V--- PVC insulation V--- PVC sheathed Cable full name VV Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable Rated voltage 0.6/1KV Product structure From the inside out of...

silver foil gummed tape

Material: Aluminium foil + HP pressure sensitive adhesive + paper tube Thickness for aluminium foil: 0.014mm, 0.015mm, 0.02mm,0.03mm,0.04mm,0.05mm,0.06mm,0.07mm,0.08mm,0.09mm, 0.1mm etc. "Width for aluminium foil: 20mm ~1240mm Diameter for paper tube: ...


1, SYV: solid polyethylene insulation radio frequency coaxial cable, coaxial cable, wireless communication, radio, monitoring system engineering and related electronic equipment in the transmission of radio frequency signals (including integrated ...

AGR model, silicone rubber High Temperature Cables 300/500V

Product models: AGR Product features: Rated voltage: 300/500V Construction: conductor: solid or stranded tinned copper wire, insulation: silicon rubber, color: red/yellow/blue/white/black/green/brownCharacteristic: it has excellent high temperature ...

AAC conductor

Used for power transmission and distribution lines for various voltage levels. Standard Overhead AAC, AAAC Conductor. IEC 61089 Round wire concentric lay overhead electrical stranded conductors ASTM B231Standard Specification for ...

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Mine cable sheath rubber compound

This series rubber compound is produced according to the requirements of national standard GB7594.7-87, in line with the regulation of mine industry standard MT818-2009. This product can be used to manufacture heavy cable jacket which its conductor .....

Flexible flat cable

FLEXIBLE AND BENDABLE Connecting of Electronic Circuits with Moving Parts MINIATURE Fine Pitch and Paper-Thin Body RELIABLE UL Approved KOTOBO FFC can tolerate 10 millions slides VERSTILE Choice of .....

300/500V XLPE Insulated, LSZH Sheathed Power Cables (single core)

APPLICATION The cables are mainly used in power stations, mass transit underground passenger systems, airports, petrochemical plants, hotels, hospitals, and high-rise buildings. STANDARDS Basic design to IEC 60502-1 FIRE PERFORMANCE Flame...

Power Cable (IEC)

Power Cable (IEC) Voltage 0.6/1KV   Construction Sino-cables type power cable is constructed with concentric lay stranded copper or aluminum conductor. The conductor is extruded with PVC(polyvinyl chloride) or XLPE(cross-linked polyethylene)...

Europe Power Cable

Plug Description: PVC Insulation:60C/105 Rated Voltage:250V Rated Amperage:16A Country & Region:Germany,Netherlands,Switzerland,Sweden,Norway,Denmark,Ltaly,Austria,Belgium,Finland,France etc. Suitable Cable Style: H03VV-F 3*0.75mm2 70C .....


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Welcome to the website of JINYANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. JINYANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD produced tapes for electonic and fiber-optical cables professionally in Korea. Since its foundation 1986, JUNYANG has been tried to develop materials for the cables ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
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Hualin Wire & Cable Co., Ltd

Hualin Cable Co., Ltd., founded in 1990. The company's leading products: Hualin high/low-temperature resistant cables, power cables, high voltage XLPE cables, irradiation cross-linked cables, aluminum cables, control cables, computer cables, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer

Kunming Yuantong Wire And Cable Manufacturing CO,. LTD.

Kunming Yuantong Wire and Cable Co.,Ltd. is a modern enterprise which integrates wire and cable production, sales, research and development. It was once awarded as "one of the most competitive enterprises in China's cable industry".
Business Type: Manufacturer

Shine Electronic Technique Co.,Ltd

We own subsidiary factories in manufacturing insulation plastic materials, plug hardware and copper wires, etc have been gradually established, which can well guarantee the quality of the products and environmental and fast delivery.
Business Type: Manufacturer

Yueqing Jinhe Electric Co., LTD

Restablish in 2013, Yueqing Jinhe Electric Co., LTD is a professional cable wire factory in China. Main produces:silicone rubber cable,teflon cable, thermocouple wire,high temperature Wire, heat cable,flexible cable,welding cable,submersible ...
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26/35KV XLPE/PVC Power Cable

26/35KV XLPE/PVC Power Cable   Introduction Construction: stranded circular copper conductor, extruded semi-conducting compound as conductor screen, cross-linked polyethylene(XLPE) insulation, semi-conducting compound as insulation screen,...

XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power

XLPE-Insulated-Stee Wire Armoured Power-Cable Products characteristics: Operating temperature: Max. Permissible continuous operating temperature of Conductors shall not exceed 90degree Conductor Short circuit temperature: No exceeding 250degree .....
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electric power cables

require 1.5 klm of high voltage power cable. xlpe 3x25mm 6.35/11kv scr pvc
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