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Organic Fertilizer NPK 4-3-3 is a well-known 100% organic fertilizer pellet, which is very ecologic and hygienic in use. Our organic fertilizer is of an excellent quality and contains mostly humic acid structures, which benefit soils in facilitating ...

amino acid organic liquid fertilizer

Type: Compost CAS No.: 65072-01-7 MF: RCHNH2COOH EINECS No.: amino acid liquid Release Type: Slow Purity: 10-30% State: Liquid Application: foliar fertilizer 1.Amino Acid itself is a kind of nutrients for crops,contain rich protein ,essential for ...

liquid humic acid Liquid Organic Fertilizer

liquid humic acid Liquid Organic Fertilizerliquid humic acid Liquid Organic Fertilizerrganic Fertilizer Type: Humic Acid,Liquid Organic Fertilizer CAS No.: 1415-93-6 Other Names: Liquid Organic Fertilizer MF: ** EINECS No.: 215-809-6 Place of Origin: ...

HuminRich Soluble Humic Acid Shiny Flake Organic Fertilizer

Soluble Humic Acid Shiny Flakes 100% solubleSoluble Humic Acid Shiny Flake 1) Specification Appearance: black shiny flake Water-solubility (dry base): 100% Humic acid (dry base): 60%-65%/65%-70%/70%-75% Organic Matter (dry base):70%-75%/75%-80% PH ...

Nutrient agar liquid fertilizer of agricultural fertilizer dealers

Product Character: water soluble. Improve crops' yield and quality.Quick Details Classification: Organic Fertilizer Type: Seaweed CAS No.: 84775-78-0 Other Names: Seaweed concentrate liquid fertilizer MF: (C12H16O12)n EINECS No.: 232-680-1 Place of ...

Organic Amino Acid 45% Compound Fertilizer

Organic Amino Acid 45% Compound Fertilizer Two type: fertilizer, feed grade Main Specification: Origin: Animal & vegetable Amino acid content -- solid : 40-80%, liquid :10-40% Nitrogen: 5-17% Solubility:100% Moisture: 3%min Chlorine: 0-45% ...

Organic Fertilizer Granulation machine

1.Organic fertilizer granulator machine dry into dry out, without drying (raw water of not less than 13%). Organic fertilizer granulator using differential haste, universal joint drive with motor or diesel.Low consumption, high output, easy to ...

100% organic liquid potassium fertilizer

The main components of organic potassium fertilizer contain organic matter and potassium, of which organic matter is equal or more than 380g / L, K20≥220g/L. It is light brown liquid with pH6-8. It does not contain any harmful substance and is ...

Organic fertilizer pellet machine ball shaper for farming price

1.Fertilizer granulation machine0.6-1.2t/h 2.Make round 2-8mm fertilizer 3.Fit for organic manure,clay 4.Make organic fertilizer for farming 5.CE/ISO9001/SGS certification1.Fertilizer granulation machine makes round shape fertilizer granules through ...

Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer

Component Content: Amino Acid greater than match 100g/L; Trace Elements greater than match 20g/L. Physicochemical properties: Water aqua, brown color transparent shape, PH5.0-6.0; Density: 1.2-1.3. Efficacy: Increase the organic nutrients; prevent a ...

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Liquid organic fertilizer

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as producer and exporter of Indonesian origin liquid and granular (solid) organic fertilizer. We offer quality both liquid and granular organic fertilizers at affordable price. These fertilizers are organic .....
Dua Mutiara Intercon
Date: Dec 19, 2014
Dua Mutiara Intercon

Organic Liquid Fertilizer

We Offer Variety Liquid Organic Fertilizer in Different Formulation & Combination As Per Customer Requirement For Follicular Humic Acid 12%-18% (Micro Nutrients) Amino 20%-30% Herbal Amino Acid 20%-30% (Green Colour) Fulvic+Amino 15%-20% (Micro .....
Date: Apr 25, 2014
Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer

Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer

Component Content: Amino Acid greater than match 100g/L; Trace Elements greater than match 20g/L. Physicochemical properties: Water aqua, brown color transparent shape, PH5.0-6.0; Density: 1.2-1.3. Efficacy: Increase the organic nutrients; prevent a .....
Date: Dec 06, 2013

Liquid Organic Flushing fertilizer (contain humic acid)

offer Liquid Organic Flushing fertilizer 1) Specification: HA: 40g/L min, NPK: 150g/L min, Water Insoluble:100g/L max PH:8-9 2)Package: 25kg/Drum Special package are acceptabled 3)Function: Improves the soil.....

humic fulvic liquid fertilizer

Specifications humic fulvic liquid fertilizer ,containe humic acid ,fulvic acid etc.very good for fruit trees and vegetables our company produce humic fulvic liquid organic fertilizer also we can produce amino acid with fulvic acid foliar .....
Redbrillian Chemical Co.LTD
Date: Aug 28, 2013
Redbrillian Chemical Co.LTD


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Urals Regions Ltd

SPC Urals Regions Ltd. is a scientific production company which operates more than 12 years in Russian agricultural market of fertilizers.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer
Russian Federation

Seek Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Seek Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd is the first and only company focusing on bamboo based organic fertilizers and soil conditioners in the world.we research and produce fertilizers in China and market them to all over the world.And we have ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Shanghai Dora Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Our company is specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting crop protection and nutrition products, main products are as below: Plant Extracts Series; Microbial Fermentation Series; Compound Amino Acids Powder&Liquid ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer

Shaanxi TechTeam Jinong Humic Acid Product Co., Ltd.

We are a Hi-Tech Group Company consisting of several subsidiary companies, which are in different business lines. Our business scopes: 1) Organic certified (by Ecocert SA since 2001) Chinese Herbs & Mushrooms 2) Humic Acid Organic Liquid ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Nosktahco Holdings Sdn Bhd

Nosktahco Holdings Sdn Bhd is located in Kepong, Malaysia. Nosktahco Holdings Sdn Bhd was established as a private limited company on 13th of June, 1989. Our company specializes in liquid fertilizer formulation and production of amino acids based ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Others

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We are leader of Bio organic fertilizer manufacture from Thailand liquid. -advance new Bio technology to help farmer save cost and Improve productivity. -approved from USDA since 2000 -100% organic farming & save cost 65 % up -Bio chemical.....
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