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Bacillo V3 fertilizer

Product Name: Bacillo V3 The fermented material containing Bacillus vallismortis BS-07M and micro-organisms of this product boost plants' immunity against diseases including flacherie and environmental stress including draught and low temperaturem, ...
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Technology of sludge drying and composting using rice husk charcoal

Rice husk carbonizing device: A device to dry sludge with the enrgy (heat) generated after producing a carbide (charcoal) using rice husk. Sludge fermenting device: Produces organic fertilizer by combining the rice husk charcoal produced in rice husk ...

Uridongnae Mixed Organic Fertilizer

Introduction1. 4% nitrogen, 2% phosphoric acid and 1% kalium2. 65% organic materials3. Eco-friendly organic fertilizer4. Pellent-form for easy spraying5. Organic fertilizer with slow action6. Helps prevent soil from becoming acidicMain functions1. ...