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Marine engine spare parts

Xiamen Yasion Parts can offer all kinds of marine spare parts, Regarding the main/aux engine brand, we can supply: Yanmar, akasaka, daihatsu, hanshin, mitsubishi (kobe & akasaka) niigata, makita, ito, fuji, kubota, matsui, sulzer, man b&w, .....
Date: Apr 17, 2015

marine engine parts

Our factory is mainly producing marine diesel engine complete and parts for new or reconditioned spare parts: TYPE:SULZER, MAN, B&W, DAIHATSU,YANMARK ,MITSUBISHI AKASAKA HANSHIN NIIGATA, SKL ,DEUTZ, PIESTICK ,MAK ,CAT ,CUMMUNG ETC. 1 Main/auxiliary .....

MAKITA marine engine nozzle DLF140UJ3510N4

We supply all kinds of DAIHATSU Nozzle,YANMAR Nozzle, HANSHIN Nozzle,MAK Nozzle, NIIGATA Nozzle,AKASAKA Nozzle,SKL Nozzle, SULZER Nozzle, MAN B&W Nozzle,MITSUBISHI Nozzle. Jenny (W-eb-site) kd-diesel(dot)com (E-mail) sales(At)kd-diesel(dot)com .....
Date: Nov 15, 2013


Qinhuangdao BF Marine Parts&Machinery Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd is the largest supplier of marine equipment and spare parts in China. MAK, DEUTZ, MAN,PIELSTICK etc about 20 Diesel engine Installation industries and Authorized makers have been our partner, we .....

NIIGATA marine diesel engine spare parts

WWW.PAMSERV.CO.KR High Quality / Fast Service / Competitive Price ASIA'S LEADING SPARE PARTS PROVIDER PAMSERV CO., LTD We are the most competitive choice to supply you with shipments. We have a trustworthy working relationship with our .....
Date: Jan 08, 2011
Crankshaft for Niigata engine

Crankshaft for Niigata engine

Dear Sir, We have 4pcs of brand new crankshaft for Niigata engine 6M28AFTE, please study it in your market at FOB Korea USD80,000/pc Best Regards, KT Park
Date: Jun 27, 2009
Niigata Diesel Engine Parts, Niigata Marine Parts

Niigata Diesel Engine Parts, Niigata Marine Parts

Indonesia Niigata Diesel Engine Parts | Niigata Genset Turbocharger Compressor NIIGATA 6L 16S, NIIGATA 6M 26AFT, NIIGATA 6M37X (2300PS), NIIGATA CX, NIIGATA 6L 16(H)S, NIIGATA 6M(L)20AX, NIIGATA 6M40AX (6M40EX), NIIGATA KBM, NIIGATA 6L 16HS,.....
Date: Nov 16, 2010
Category: Machinery | Engines
used marine engines upto 10,000 HP

used marine engines upto 10,000 HP

We are No.1 used marine engine supplier in the world for Yanmar, Daihatsu, Niigata and Hanshin, etc.. and their spare parts available as well From 200 HP to 10,000 HP engines available. Please feel free to contact us any time if you have any.....
Date: Feb 27, 2008
Category: Machinery | Engines
Used Niigata 18PC2-6 Marine generator

Used Niigata 18PC2-6 Marine generator

Niigata 18PC2-6 Nameplate: NKK-Pielstick Engine Type: 18PC2-6 Provenance: Japan Rated Power: 9.5MW Continuous Power: 7.5MW Output Voltage: 10,500V Suitable Fuel: 180CST/50 Number of cylinder: 18 Rated Speed: 500rpm .....
sale for bearing metal of marine engine

sale for bearing metal of marine engine

We have in stock for listed below bearings For marine engine yanmar,daihatsu,niigata,akasaka,hanshin series engines. Please send your inquiry to our contacts.
Date: Sep 16, 2000


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Marine Diesel Engine Spares - Valve Spindle

Valve including: Valve Spindle, Valve Seat, Valve Guide, Valve Clamp, Valve Rotator, Valve Casing. VALVE SPINDLE series: The material offered by SANYO SPECIAL STEEL Co., Ltd of Japan, and make the parts in our factory, the series number for this two ...

MAN28/32 marine engine Plunger and barrel

We supply all kinds of DAIHATSU Plunger barrel,YANMAR Plunger barrel, HANSHIN Plunger barrel,MAK Plunger barrel, NIIGATA Plunger barrel,AKASAKA Plunger barrel,SKL Plunger barrel, SULZER Plunger barrel, MAN B&W Plunger barrel,MITSUBISHI Plunger barrel. ...

marine engine parts Plunger (CH1812-D13)

Plunger (CH1812-D13) Application: YANMAR6RAL, BMC 1500/BMC 4/98, DIAHATSU, Niigata, hino engine, Marine engines... Product Description: We are a manufacturer for diesel engine parts, Such as Head Rotor, nozzle, plunger, feed pump, delivery valve, cam ...

Marine Engine Spare Parts

WWW.PAMSERV.CO.KR MARINE SPARE PARTS Our Service & Products MAIN/AUX. ENG & PARTS YANMAR KFL, 6RAL-T, MAL, UAL, GL, ZL, M200, M220, T220, T240, T260, S165, S185, N18, N21, N260, N280 DAIHATSU DL16, DL19, DL20, DL22, DL24, DL26, DL28, DL32, DL40, DS18, ...

marine spare parts--turbocharger

Diesel Engine Spare Parts-turbocharger, rotor complete, blades, nozzel ring, cover ring, etc. We are a professional manufacture in Taiwan, and distributor of diesel engine spare parts & accessories that serve various markets throughout the world. We ...


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Nantong Tenglong Plainbearing Co., Ltd. was set up in 1989. We are professional manufacturer specializing in different sliding bearings, bearing shells, thrust pads of engine and all kinds of marine engine spare parts.Such as YANMAR,HANSHIN..
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Agent, Service

K.Y.Marine Engineering

Supply of marine engine spare part,ship stores,marine equipments,cylinder,liner,piston,crown,skirt,valve,bearing,gasket,purifier part,yanmar,daihatsu,hanshin,akasaka,niigata,B&W,matsubara,tanabe,mitsubishi
Business Type: Exporter, Distributor, Service


WOOK-IL TOTAL SERVICE was founded in 1987 in Korea. WOOKIL-TOTAL SERVICE is well-established manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of used/reconditioned marine engines. We mainly treat the YANMAR, NIIGATA, HANSHIN, AKASAKA and DIAHATSU MARINE ENGINES.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service

PH Marine Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

We can supply YANMAR, DAIHATSU, NIIGATA, MITSUBISHI, AKASAKA, SULZER, B & W, MAN, SKL diesel engine spare parts, etc., and TANABE, YANMAR, MATSUBARA, ALFA-LAVAL, MITSUBISHI and other air compressor . And MITSUBISHI ,ALFA-LAVAL oil purifier and have stock
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer