Car rental in Jakarta grows

Monday, November 21, 2011

NEW YORK, NY – ( November 21, 2011) -  More and more tourists are seeking a cost feasible car rental service in Jakarta when traveling abroad according to tourism experts.

Saving on car rentals can sometimes be difficult. There are a lot of twists and turns that car rental places use to confuse the client. The best way is to explore different options when shopping for a deal on a car rental. For example, they all have different rates based on when you pick up the car. If you pick it up on the weekend or during the week, the rates are cheaper during the week. Friday is no longer a week day in rental car lingo. Check the rates, from Thursday through Monday; you may be able to save money versus Friday through Monday.

Rental car companies raise a lot of revenue selling you petrol, insurance and often by adding fees and taxes. The first thing you should do is avoid renting where the fees and taxes are too much. Sometimes convenience outweighs the savings. Normally, if you rent from a facility that is located on airport grounds, you pay an airport fee. To avoid this fee, simply rent your car from the hotel or away from the airport. Many rental companies are located nearby and do not charge any outrageous fees.

A different way to keep your costs under control is to never return your rental without a full tank of gas. If you rented the car with a full tank of gas, it’s important to return it with the same full tank. Otherwise the rental company could charge you as much as $10.00 per gallon. Also beware of car insurance sold by rental car companies. It is unwarranted if your personal car insurance will cover the car rental or your credit card will cover it. Save your money on car insurance and check with your current carrier at home or your credit card and see if it will be covered. Don’t fall for the sales techniques used by car rental employees who will tell you horror stories of people who thought they were covered and discovered they weren’t. Call your credit card or insurance company and find out for sure.

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