American Siren Pageant Launch

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boston, MA, January 11, 2011 --( Invision Filmworks Launches – American Siren Beauty Pageant

Invision Filmworks is launching American Siren as one of its first projects for the 2011 calendar. American Siren in an urban beauty pageant. The pageant will be held mid May and televised nationally.

American Siren is taking a novel approach to traditional pageant entries. The participants will not represent their respective states as in customary pageants; instead they will represent their respective sponsors from the world of entertainment and the corporate business world. Websites, magazines, corporations, and other such business entities will be allowed hold individual contest and to submit models through sponsorship for entry into the pageant. Entries into the pageant will be listed as Miss ________ (Sponsors Name).

This pageant is intended to reward working professionals for their service to the industry and spotlight attractive professional business women. American Siren's goal is to show the diversity in the urban community and career options available to today’s youth. Among the many luxury prize packages one winner will be given a one million dollar management contract. Twenty additional contestants will be given subsequent contracts ranging between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars per year.

The urban market is filled with a strong pool of talent that Invision feels can provide a solid base for their future projects. Many urban models are unable to successfully transition their careers to the realm of film, business, and television. Additionally, many young urban women see few successful female images outside the realm of entertainment media. American Siren intends to use this pageant to draw and attract the best emerging talent and as a platform to strengthen and empower young women in these communities to be more business minded. “What better way to contribute to America’s economic redevelopment than by providing jobs and opportunities previously not promoted to today’s youth? Opportunity only exists when there are those available to seize it and once seized there is no limit to greatness,” says Miguel Gaines founder of American Siren.

Models are encouraged to follow American Siren on Twitter at and submit their proposals for why they should be the American Siren and win the contract. Sponsors can use these twitter submittals in their selection process of contestants. Models can also use our American Siren page on Facebook to link their profiles and bios for sponsors to see. Those wishing to sponsor contestants for entry are encouraged to contact Miguel Gaines at American Siren for details and regulations. American Siren, where celebrity becomes icon.

Direct Contact: Miguel Gaines
(617) 682-0266


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American Siren
Miguel Gaines

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