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Re:Mushroom spawn

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The matured mushroom spawn bag ready for reap right away! We are in a position to supply the shiitake & flower mushroom spawn bags(mushroom seed bags) as well the other kinds of the edible fingus since we have specialized in the production and.....
China(Fujian) Foreign Trade Centre (Holdings) [China]
Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil

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Latin Name: Semen Cucurbitae Botanical Source: Cucurbita pepo Used Part: Raw seed kernel Appearance: Brown to red fluid oily liquid Odour: Typical vegetable seed nutty odour CAS#: 8016-49-7 Introduction: Pumpkin seed oil , a culinary .....

Mushroom Seed

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Wish to sell mushroom seed on contract interested regular buyers pl. contact ./ thanks.
Ambrosia Exports [India]

ginger garlic flake carrot lotus seeds potato chili

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LIANYUNGANG TENRYU FOODS CO., a professional vegetable processing and export-oriented company in China, which was established in 1994.Our main products are burdock , carrot, onion, ginger, cabbage, garlic , mushroom , and strawberry. Among.....

mushroom, vegetable seeds, fertilizer

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we can supply the product of dried mushrooms and truffles (Whole, Cut, Sliced, Broken or in Powder), we import and export the various vegetable seeds, we sell chemical fertilizer , like Compound Fertilizer.My company locats in China, so I can help the.....
Seasoning Powder

Seasoning Powder

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Chicken/ Pork/ Beef/ Tom Yum Herbs/ Tom Yum Goong (Shrimp)/ Sea food/ B.B.Q Noodle Soup-Sukiyaki/ Anise seed/ Mushroom etc. Food flavor enhancers made from natural spices and herbs with hi-tech process. It is convenient to use. It also adds aromatic element .....
Lotus Seed / Semen Nelumbinis

Lotus Seed / Semen Nelumbinis

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SPEC: Whole with or without kark; cut, tea bag cut; powder. Our company is a reputed manufacturer and exporter specializing in herbs, spices, dried vegetables / fruits / flowers, tea, health food, mushroom powder & extract.(founded in1998) .....
We Sell: Cotton Seeds, Cotton Seeds Hulls,

We Sell: Cotton Seeds, Cotton Seeds Hulls,

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We are pleased to offer you fresh season Cotton Seeds for Oil, Cotton Seeds for Mushroom Cultivation, Cotton Seeds for Cattle Feed, Cotton Seeds for Fish Feeds of Pakistan Origin as under: Specifications Of Cotton Seeds: 1. Crude Protein: 18% min 2. .....
Zillion Exports. [Pakistan]
Cotton Seed Hulls

Cotton Seed Hulls

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we can supply cotton seed hulls for usage of animal feeding or mushroom cultivation purpose.
standardized botanical extracts

standardized botanical extracts

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Our main products are standardized botanical extracts, including Epimedium P.E., Rhodiola P.E., Grape seed P.E., Tribulus Terrestris P. E., Resveratrol, Bilberry P.E., Cordyceps P.E., Reishi mushroom P.E., Shiitake Mushroom P.E., Ginseng General Ginsenosides .....


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Product Description Jayeuncho was created Persimmon vinegar and Wild Grass tea. Persimmon vinegar is fermented for more than 4 years. Wild Grass is various natural ingredients, such as plants, fruits, roots, seaweeds, mushrooms, and seeds gathered .....
Gangsan Farm [Korea]
selling cotton seed hull

selling cotton seed hull

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We can guarantee long-term supply of cotton seed hulls in batches, which can be used in mushroom production and so on.

supply mushroom spawn

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We can supply mushroom spawn with high quality.Like:Shiitake, pleurotus eryngii and etc. We put the mixture of sawdust, wheat cover, glocuse, corn powder, gypsum powder, mushroom seeds, spawn and etc into the bag.You can use these mushroom.....
Zhejiang Qinghua Trading Co, LTD [China]

seed,oils and plants

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We specialized in trading of all types of vegetable oil including waste and used cooking vegetable oil, animal hides, seeds, seedlings, mushrooms, insecticide, alfalfa hay, cereal, bones and agro equipments. We have a high-tech state of the heart.....
Kerstinejohnson Trading [South Africa]
sell Chinese herbs / mushrooms / spices

sell Chinese herbs / mushrooms / spices

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Detailed Product Description Organic Chinese herbs and mushrooms are useful and usual oriental materials for health and can make tea, drink and spices. Organic Milk thistle seeds, Organic Black Fungus, Organic American Ginseng, Organic Wild Yam .....

supply mushroom raw material from china

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Dear Sir We supply nutrient culture media mushroom production from china. 1.sawdust (aspen wood)1500mt/ per month. moisture 12%max, compression packing25-30kg and jumbo bag 2. cotton seed hull quantity: 500mt/ per month specification:.....

Reishi Mushroom Extract

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export : Chinese herb medicine, herbal extracts, herbal Powder, herbal Slice, herb spices, herb teaetc Myricetin Bayberry Bark Extract 80-90% Dihydromyricetin 98% Shikimic Acid 98% Griffonia Seed Extract (5HTP) 98% Cistanche tubulosa.....
Ningbo Dekang Biochem Co., Ltd.Natural Products [China]


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Product Description Mushroom cultivated on loess contains plenty of vitamins, raising immunity. it is also of efficacy of anti-cancer, anti-viruses, lowering of cholesterol, and skin care. I input ginseng ingredient at seed fungi cultivation. .....
Mushroom Barley Soybean Paste

Mushroom Barley Soybean Paste

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Product Description Our mushroom barley soybean paste is made from fermented soybean, lentinus mushroom, barley, hot pepper seed powder and table salt. After ripening for 2 years, soybean paste mixed lentinus mushroom gives.....
Dehydrated mushroom slice

Dehydrated mushroom slice

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Product obtained from fresh mushrooms, which have been selected, washed, blanched cut, dried, and finished processed. This product will not be grown from Genetically Modified Seeds. Prior to packaging the product will be inspected and passed through.....

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