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F Series Mud Pump

Maxfully offers Single acting reciprocating triplex piston mud pump; High pressure plunger pump for well cementing, acid/ steam fracturing, oil and water transportation; Skid mounted and truck mounted pumping units and pump parts. API certified. ...

Mud Pump Liner Bi-metal liners Super Chrome Liner ceramic liner Hardened Steel Liner Chrome Plated L

Mud Pump Liners KINGWELL Bi-metal liners Our liners can be used in various drilling operation conditions. The bi-metal outer surface is made of premium carbon steel, the inner sleeve is made of wear-resistant high chrome cast iron and the surface ...

API Mud pump spare parts for F series Mud pump

Liners: Hy- chrome Mud Pump Liner, chrome-plated Liner, Hardened Steel Liner Valve and seat: Premium Cross Arms Valve and seat, Full open Valve and seat, Valve Spring Piston and piston rods; Long-life Bonded Piston with Rubber and Fabric, Long-Life ...

Mud pump Fracturing Pump Expendables Spares Parts

Bimetal liner Chrome plated liner Zirconia ceramic liner Bonded Urethane Piston Bonded Rubber Piston Rubber replaceable Piston & Piston Rubber Kits Piston Rod/ Extension Rod/ Sub Rod/ Clamp Assy. Valve & Seats Valve seat puller and puller head Fluid ...

FB 1600 Mud Pump Zirconia Liner

Zirconia liner ismade of zirconia(ZrO2) material inner sleeve and steel materialoutshell. Zirconia liner canoffer lifetime cost savings, significantly longer service, better performanceand safer operation than sleeves made of more commonly used chrome ...

BOMCO/EMSCO F Series Drilling Mud Pump Triplex F1300 Mud Pump

F series mud pump is applicable to the requirement of high pressure in oil field and high displacement technologh of well drilling with its solid and compacts structure,small vollume and outstanding operation performance. F series mud pump has long ...

BOMCO F1300 F1600 Drilling Mud Pump Parts Valve Rod (Lower)

Drilling Mud Pump Parts BOMCO Series:F500/F800/F1000/F1300/F1600/F1600HL/F2200HL. HH Series:HHF500/HHF800/HHF1000/HHF1300/HHF1600/HHF2200 Rongsheng Series:RSF500/RSF800/RSF1000/RSF1300/RSF1600 Qingzhou ...

LUHAI Energy mud pump-F-1300

Parameter: Liner Diameter7 "6 3/4 "5 " Rated pressure(Mpa)19,222,234,5 Stroke/MinPowerDisplacement(L/S) KWHP 1301049140849,1942,4125,10 100807108337,8432,6319,31 7056575826,4922,8413,51

HNA Mud Pump Ceramic Liner

HNA offers four different type of liners for all popular mud pumps to suit any drilling condition, including Bi-metal liners, Hy-chrome liners, Zirconia liners, Premium Chromium Liners, Ceramic Liners, Chromium-plated Liners and Hardened Liners.Place ...

mud pump and spare parts

F-series mud pump and 3NB series Mud Pump and interchangeable mud pump parts for all major manufacturers.Solid Durable ; High Quality And InexpensiveCeramic Liner and Double Metallic Liner ;Valves and Seats ; Pistons and Valve Springs and other spare ...

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TSINGTAO HNA OILFIELD MACHINERY CO.,LTD premium liners combine the strength of a forged steel outer shell with the abrasion and corrosion resistance of a high chromium iron inner sleeve. These liners feature a centrifugally cast high chrome iron .....
mud pump liner

mud pump liner

Bi-metal liners is the main expendables parts of the mud pump ,it adapts double metal fix together,the outer sleeve is forged with quality 45# carbon steel,the inner sleeve is casted with high carbon and high chromium use the technology of .....
Date: Jul 21, 2015


Our full products range, but not limited to, include triplex mud pump and duplex mud pump liners(bi metal, chrome-plated liner, hardened liner, ceramice liner), mud pump valve and seats(cross arms valve and seat, 3 web valve and seat, full open .....
Date: Mar 27, 2015

HNA offers mud pump module parts--valve lock cap and valve guide

HNA also supplies other expendable fluid end parts such as Threaded Ring, Liner Clamp, Rod Clamp, Valve Pot Cover, Liner Cage, Wear Plate and Valve Guide which all fit the request of most popular mud pumps.

Shine offers W446 mud pump

LW446 Mud Pump TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Rated input power 328KW (440HP) Rated Stroke 320 Stroke/Minute(320SPM) Stroke 152.4mm (6") Gear Ratio 4.578 :1 Max. operation pressure 35Mpa Valve chamber Valve-Over API 4# Max. liner dia. 6" Max. liner mud .....


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Liaocheng Guotai Machinery Co, .Ltd.

Liaocheng Guotai Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Liaocheng City,Shandong Province,China. It is a professional manufacturer of petroleum machinery and its spare parts. Our main products are: Drilling Mud Pumps, Liners, Pistons, Valves &Valve ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Qingdao HNA Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

We specialize in oilfield equipment manufacturing field for more than 15 years, such as EMSCO F500, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600, Gardner- Denver PZ-9 mud pumps, valve seat and piston liners with replacement rubbers, with high-quality, best service and ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor, Service

Dezhou Lixing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

Dezhou Lixing Petroleum Machinery Co.,ltd specialize in mud pump parts for about 7 years.all products meet API standard,and sold well st USA,Russia and others area.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter


Dezhou Jiatong Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer which mainly manufactures oilfield drilling, oil extraction machinery equipment and parts. Our company has over 90 sets of large-sized and medium-sized machine tool equipment, for example milling ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Puyang Qili The Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., LTD

Puyang Qili Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese specialized manufacturer and supplier of petroleum equipment and parts. Our company is ISO9001:2000 certified.Our main products are Fittings of Drilling Rigs, Mud Pumps, Drawworks, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

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stuffing box

Stuffing box is the main accessories in mud pump fluid end system. F series of drilling mud pump stuffing box is located in the top of the extension rod, and connect with cylinder liner.with other seal formed Stuffing box assembly ,The .....