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Supply mica powder

Supply mica powder of high quality. composition(%): SiO2 44.30, Al2O3 31.21 Fe2O3 5.74, CaO 0.57 MgO 0.62, K2O 10.57 Na2O 1.17 loss of ignition 4.97 Size: 8 -36 mesh, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 200, 325 and 800 mesh, we can supply the products .....
Date: Sep 01, 2015

white mica powder

we are a professional trading company here(China). with more than 30years produce and foreign trade experience. we have sold this products for overseas very xxxxx we want to know if you are intersted in buying mica powder from china. Produce method .....

Sericite mica for cosmetic

Sericite mica for cosmetic Commodity: sericite mica powder (either muscovite, illite or paragonite ) CAS Number: 12001-26-2 INCI name: Mica Einecs Number: 301-127-6 12 years mica export experiences Sericite mica is a natural fine grained .....

calcined mica

Calcined Mica General Description Muscovite Mica is a hydrated silicate of potassium and aluminium. Appearance: Flakes or powder Origin: China Applications The flexibility of mica flakes together with it's high aspect ratio provides .....
Date: Aug 29, 2015

High Voltage Mica Paper Capacitor

High Temperature,High Voltage Mica Paper Capacitor (CVG) 1,Enviroment temperature: -55C~+200C 2,Humidity: 95%~98% at +40C 3,Frequency: 20Hz~500Hz Acceleration: 2.7g~4.5g 4,Working voltage: 0.45KV~30KV 5,Capacity: 0.022uF~3.3uF Tolerance: .....
Mica Powder (H.S.Code 2525.2000)

Mica Powder (H.S.Code 2525.2000)

Mica Powder (H.S.Code 2525.2000) CAS # 12001-26-2 SiO2 :40-50% Al2O3 :28-38% Fe2O3 :0-7% K2O :8-13% MgO :0.8%Max. Moisture :1.5%Max. Sand :1.5%Max. Specific Gravity :2.7-3.0 g/cm3 Whiteness .....
Date: Aug 23, 2015

mica powder pearl pigment

YuMingjie pearl pigment is the pigment with mica chip covering metal oxide, can generate a pearly luster. The appearance is transparent and flat, has a larger diameter, smooth surface and high refractive index than other common pigment. .....
Date: Aug 22, 2015
Category: Chemicals | Pigment

Mica sheet

Flexible Mica sheets that consists of mica Splittings Paper base bonded with suitable resins to form sheet with superior flexibility. Mica sheets are manufactured in 2 classes of thermal insulation F & H capable to bear temperatures. Our flexible .....
Microcrystalline Mica Powder for Marine Coating

Microcrystalline Mica Powder for Marine Coating

Microcrystalline mica powder, formed from the sedimentrary of volcanic eruption, is found in China for the first time by our company. Microcrystalline mica powder is of low thermal-expansion coefficient, high purity, whiteness and activity. And .....

Natural Mica sheets, plates, parts

We manufacture and supply natural mica sheets, plates, spacers, wafers, parts for use as electrical insulation, spacer, heat insulators, separators in electrical machines, electronics components, instrumentation, thermal batteries etc. We make items .....

Mica Plate Mica Sheet Mica Flake (muscovite or phlogopite)

Mica Plate HP5 series of rigid heater mica plate is made of muscovite or phlogopite mica paper impregnated with high temperature resistant silicone resin, which is used as supporting insulation for resistance wire heating elements in electric.....

Far Infrared Mica Heating Film for Physiatrics Bed and Sauna Room

Far Infrared Mica Heating Film for Physiatrics Bed and Sauna Room; Mica heating panel with electric heating film is developed for mid-high temperature heating applications. The mixed nonmetallic electric conducting materials (ceramic, glass.) are .....

supplying mica ferric oxide ash and red.

Dear sir, We are one biggest of mica ferric oxide ash and mica ferric oxide red OEM in Anhui China.These two products all are used in chemical industrial like painting and coating industrials. The detailed specifications of them are as below: .....
Date: Jul 22, 2015
Category: Chemicals | Oxide

Synthetic Mica For Sale

mica exporter and supplier could provide mica powder,pearl pigment,mica flake,wet ground mica powder,dry ground mica,Synthetic mica,natural mica,phlogopite and Calcined Mica
Date: Jul 14, 2015

High quality mica heating plate

Nozzle & Band Heaters Description: Nozzle & Band heaters are are used in plastic processing industry for keeping the nozzles of injection molding machines hot. Nozzle heaters are manufactured from high quality mica sheet or ceramic, and have Nickel .....
Topright Industrial Technology
Date: May 08, 2015
Topright Industrial Technology
mica tape /polyimide tape

mica tape /polyimide tape

mica tape /polyimide tape key words: mica tape , composite tape Feature:mica paper tape -Good dielectrical and mechanical property -Good heat resistance -Room temperature the material is flexible -Less thickness tolerance .....

Mica tape for cables Phgolopite

"Excellent tensile strength and good shearing and shock resistance;to be used with the thinnest conductors. CHARACTERISTIC 1, Resist extreme thermal stresses and give outstanding fire protection . SY-03 is made from phlogopite mica paper ,retain .....
Corrugated Wrapper Mica

Corrugated Wrapper Mica

Corrugated Mica is made from Muscovite mica of Jharkhand origin.It can withstands high temperatures of above 700C. This mica is supplied as per customer's specification. The main use of this type of mica is in soldering irons.
Date: Mar 08, 2015
mica powder

mica powder

Mica Powder (H.S.Code 2525.2000) CAS # 12001-26-2 SiO2 :40-50% Al2O3 :28-38% Fe2O3 :0 - 7% K2O :9-11% CaO :0.1-1.0% Na2O .....
Date: Mar 05, 2015
Mica for sale

Mica for sale

Mica crushed and grinded to all sizes
Date: Mar 01, 2015