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Hoston brand HSS Stight Shank Twist Drill Bit

Hoston HSS Drill Bits 1.Material:HSS4341,6542,9341,M35,M42 2.Point Angle: 118 degree or 135 degree Split Point 3.Shank Type: Cylinder 4.Surface finshing:black, white,black&white,Amber,Tin coated 5.Processing: Fully ground 6.Diameter:0.2mm-20mm HSS ...

DIN338 best drill bit for metal

Standard:DIN338 / DIN340 / DIN1897 / DIN1869 / ASME / Extra Length Material: HSS M42(8% Cobalt) / M35 (5% Cobalt) / M2 / W4 Process: Fully Ground / Milled Cutting Edge: 118 General Angle / 135 General Angle / Fast Drill Bits / 118 Split Point / ...

HSS Step drill

Description of hss din338 step twist drill bit: M2 HSS, Titanitrid Coating, M35 HSS-E 1. Available for specified requirements. 2. For all materials in sheet, pipes and workpieces with a wall thickness up to 4mm Material HSS W4/W9/M2/M35 Flute type ...

hss drill bit

hss drill bit, material M2,M35,M42drill material.DIN 338 or as to customers requirement.lathe tools

CL-HSS Drill Bit|helicoil twist drill|dirll bit

The twist drill is the most widely used and widely produced kind of drill bit. The term twist drill generally refers to the kind of drill bit used, not to the drill itself. A twist drill bit is a metallic cylinder with helical grooves that spiral up ...

Concrete Drill Bit

Concrete Drill Bit - Material: HSS SKH51 (M2) - Size: D=3.0 ~ 50.0mm - Hardness: HRC Rockwell C over 64
Category: Tools | Drill Bit

hss taper shank drill bit

1.Process: Roll Forged 2.Material: HSS 4241/4341/M2 3.Sizes:0.2mm-20mm 4.Surface Finishing: Black, Black & WhiteHSS Drill Bits, Roll Forged, Black Oxide, DIN338 Size available:from 0.2-20mm Degree:118 degree, normal point angle or 135 split point ...

Hss Straight Twist Drill bit

1.We are factory 2.HSS drill bit be used for metal 3.Material: High speed steel you can contact me tinafenghua at yahoo dot cn you can contact me tinafenghua at yahoo dot cn HSS drill bit Treatment:Glod,Bright,Black. Standard: DIN338, DIN1897, DIN340, ...

S7 brand twist drills bit

S7 Twist drill bit High speed steel twist drill bit Material: (HSS): M2 Techinics: Fully ground, edge-fround, roll-forged, milled. Iterms: Straight shank twist drill bit, taper shank drill bit, reduced shank drill bit. All the standard and un-standard ...


We are manufctory with 15years experiences to making drill bits Morse taper shank drill bits with full sizes from 6.5mm to 120mma.Surface: Black oxide treated,Bright finish,Titanium nitride coated b.Manufacturing process:Roll forghed, Milled, Full ...

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all kinds of drill bits

all kinds of drill bits

We supply good quality drill bits. 1,Material:HSS 4241/4341/9341/M2/M35 2,Manufacturing Process:Rolled,Fully Ground,Milled 3.Best price with best service (ufosun at hotmail dot com)
Date: Nov 01, 2015
Category: Tools | Drill Bit
HSS Tool Bits

HSS Tool Bits

Mark & model : The high-speed steel material contents include W6Mo5Cr4V2(M2), M2AL,W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5(M35) and M42 and the Rockwell hardness ranges 65-70 degrees, which is excellent tool for rough processing and semi-finishing. Origin : Asia and .....
Date: Jul 10, 2015
Category: Tools | Drill Bit
HSS Twist Drill Bit

HSS Twist Drill Bit

HSS Twist Drill Bit For drilling holes in metal material, wood and hard plastic. Point Angle:118or 135split point. Processing craftsmanship: Roll forged, fully ground or milled Material Types: HSS 4241,4341,9341,M2(6542),M7,M35,M42 Shank Type: .....
Date: Nov 28, 2014
HSS drill

HSS drill

Standard: DIN338, DIN340 Manufacturing Process: Grounf, Milled, Rolled, Edge Ground. Material: HSS4241, HSS4341, HSS6542(M2), HSS COBALT(M35 Co5%), HSS COBALT(M42 Co8%). Finish: Black finidh, white finish, Black & White finish, Tin-coated .....
Date: Dec 10, 2012

HSS Drill Bits,ANSI B.94.11M-Single Ended, Fully Ground

HSS Drill Bits,ANSI B.94.11M-Single Ended, Fully Ground Manufacturing Process:Fully Ground Material:4341,9341,M2,M35,M42 Standard:ASME B.94.11M Sizes: according to your demands Surface Finishing: White, TIN Coated, Rainbow Color, Bright, Black & .....
Date: Sep 01, 2011