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Automatic Bottle Filling Machine/wash liquid shampoo Production Line

that is designed to fill bottles and jars with products of various viscosity, ranging from water thin liquids to thick creams. They are used in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, oil and specialty industries. These inline piston filling machines come ...

automatic liquid shampoo sachet packing machine

automatic liquid shampoo sachet packing machine This liquid machine is suitable for automatic packaging of liquid of foods,medicine and chemicals,such as pesticide,shampoo,body foam bath lotion,facial cream,ingredient oil,fruit sauce, tomato ketchup ...

Shampoo/Detergent/Liquid Soap Emulsifying tank Cosmetic Cream Mixing Tank with Agitator

JKE MT stainless steel mixing tank is used in the mixing, dispersing, dissolving, emulsification, dissolution, reaction, formulating, heating, cooling, warm-keeping, cultivating, disinfecting and storage etc. Different types of blades and relevant ...

high shear emulsification equipment shampoo making machine ,liquid soap making machine ,emulsifier m

Type C heating shear emulsification equipment Main features Heating interlayer. The material is 304 stainless steel sheets both inside and outside. The width of inside sheet is 1.5mm while the outside is 1.0mm. Also heating in a constant temperature ...

Special-shaped Sachet Packing Machine

To Be able to weight, make bag, fill, seal, cut off, print the date and lot number automatically. Suitable for packing ketchup, peanut butter, water,juice,oil, facial cream, shampoo and any liquid like shampoo and so onTo Be able to weight, make any ...

Organic Scalpcare Shampoo. Peekaboo powder shampoo

[Product Description] Powder products from Nature Powdered product that made 0.0% preservative possible Developed powdered product to make 0.0% preservative and Non- Silicon product for the health. 1. This is special shampoo for scalp cleansing For ...
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chemicals batch mixer machine, liquid soap /shampoo mixer tank

Introduction: During the production of liquid washing products, the self-suction type AES dissolver can alleviate worker's labor intensity of feeding and shorten dissolving time. The Liquid Soap Making Machine Shampoo Mixer Tank Maker Dafeng blending ...

Shampoo (Liquid), Hair Gel, Good Smell, 3.8kg, OEM Orders are Welcome

1. Shampoo is a smell good, dandruff, hair care, hair coloring function function, prevents hair loss, supple, prevent the bifurcation, a special hair products, natural function, all-in-one, Xihu separately, Xihu, containing acid, to itch, other hair ...

Moisturizer/liquid shampoo /cream/liquid /mouth wash packaging machine automatic packing in bags pac

*************** Remark *************** For your specific item packaging, please contact Ms.Lure Mobile: +86 13336409700 for details. Email: Skype: Welcome your inquiry! We Are Now Sincerely Recruiting Agents ...

Shampoo liquid soap detergent electric heating mixing tank

main mixing vessel Electric/steam heat Scrapper mixing SS304 OR SS316 Stainless steel Manufacturer in Guangzhou ,China Function 1.homogenizing: 2.Scrapper stirring 4.Electic Heating or Steam Heating (Jacket layer) 5.PLC ControlCombination: Main tank ...

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Glydant Plus(Glydant Plus Liquid)

Keywords:Glydant Plus(Glydant Plus Liquid),Glydant Plus, Glydant Plus Liquid,cosmetic,personal care products,Hair Care Shampoos,Skin Care Liquid Soaps,preservative Product name: Glydant Plus(Glydant Plus Liquid) Description: Glydant Plus remains one .....
Date: Jul 27, 2016
Hong Kong
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Gel Liquid Packing Machine SP-S100

SP-S100 Series Paste-State Packaging Machine adopts Computer Controll System completly, it can finish the production's process automatically such as making bags, counting, filling, sealing, cutting, printing batch number, making the rip, and so .....
60ml (2 oz) clear pump bottle for shampoo, liquid hand soap

60ml (2 oz) clear pump bottle for shampoo, liquid hand soap

-60ml clear bottle with lotion pump -travel kits -for shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, bath wash, liquid hand soap
shampoo liquid packaging machine

shampoo liquid packaging machine

Technical Specifications Model HM-160 liquid Film Width 320mm Package Length 30-200mm Package Width 50-150mm Measure range 50-500ml Package Speed 10-70bas/min Package film Diameter Max.300mm Thickness of packing film 0.04-0.08mm Power .....

liquid shampoo making machine-made in China

Type C heating shear emulsifying equipment Main features Heating interlayer. The material is 304 stainless steel sheets both inside and outside. The thickness of inside sheet is 2mm while the outside is 1.5mm. Also keep constant temperature .Can .....


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china high pressure touch free car wash machine

china high pressure touch free car wash machine

Mar 25, 2015
Can finish car wash + care automaticlly,include car body wash/chassis wash/car wash liquid spraying/magnic color shampoo/drying/crystal waxing/ and soft water spray,


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Guangdong Gadetin Daily Necessities Co., Ltd.

In 1994, Guangdong Gadetin Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. developped the first body wash, started the business under AUSNOW brand. Since then, Its flagship product, ACCEN Shower Gel has been selling a wide range of products throughout China. Building ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Service

Lines Corporation

We provide liquid shampoo, and also liquid soap.The shampoo and soaps are made from 100% natural ingredients. have various kinds of fragrances.We can provide you the sample of the liquid shampoo (terms and conditions apply, negotiate by PM)
Business Type: Exporter


Dear Valued Customer; We are PRIMO PACKAGING AND CHEMISTRY COMPANY, a Packaging and Chemistry Company from Istanbul / TURKEY. We manufacture a wide range of products for sectors of Packaging, Chemistry, Cosmetics, Personal Care, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Arson Toiletries Limited

Arson Toiletries Ltd is a leader with brands and technologies that make people's lives easier, better and more beautiful.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service, Others

Great International LLC

Great International LLC provide broad choice of household and personal care products including detergent powder, shampoo, soap, dishwashing, cleaning liquids etc. The entire capacity of our production lines is enough to meet the demand of all our ...
Business Type: Exporter, Distributor
Category: Chemicals | Lubricant
Russian Federation

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Branded Toiletries

We deal with fast moving consumer goods and branded toiletries. We buy branded products i.e. Bar soap,Toothpaste,Laundry detergent powder & liquid,Battries,Shampoo,Shaving product. close out and discontinued item
Eurolink Co.,
Eurolink Co.,

Ethoxylated Fatty Alchol

We are looking for a reliable supplier for Natural or Synthetic Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohol (2EO) for the production of Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) which will be used in production of liquid detergent like shampoo.
Rawabi Marketing International
Saudi Arabia
Rawabi Marketing International
Saudi Arabia

Welcom to buy Hand Sprayers, Pumps Dispensers & Trigger Sprayers.

We are looking for all kinds of Hand Sprayers, Pumps Dispensers & Trigger Sprayers of different sizes and shapes that can be used for many cosmetic bottles like liquid soap and shampoo, and other liquid products with high viscosity. If you can.....
Chaccour Trading Co.
Chaccour Trading Co.