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3D Printer 39H External Driver Linear Stepper Motor , Linear Actuator Motor with Lead Screw

3D Printer 39H Through type linear stepper motor , Linear Actuator Motor With Lead Screw Linear screw specification : MODEL : ST39H Tr5*1 , Length 400mm Screw Dia.(Inch);0.195 Screw Dia. (mm);5 lead (inch);0.079 lead (mm);2 Resolution (mm);0.01 Screw ...

Long Copper Nut RepRap 3D Printer THSL-300-8D Lead Screw Dia 8MM Thread 8mm Length 300mm

UNIQUE DESIGN, THE ONLY STORE TO SELL! Description: THSL-300-8D lead screw Dia 8MM Lead 2mm Screw Thread Pitch 8mm Length 300mm Package included: 2 * THSL-300-8D Lead Screw For 3D Printer 2 * Updated Copper NutTHSL-300-8D lead screw Dia 8MM Lead 2mm ...

acme screw drive system,lead screw drive system manufacturers and suppliers

We are professional acme screw drive system,lead screw drive system manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can produce acme screw drive system,lead screw drive system following your requirements. More information of acme screw drive system,lead ...

Super Capacitor Screw Lead Terminal Electrolytic Capacitor

Product Specification: 1.Usage: E-car Charge Post, EV charging piles, Electric vehicle charging station, EV charging station, EV charging post, EV charging pile, EV charging pole, Air Conditioner Capacitor, Welding Machine Capacitor, Clean Energy ...

HTR-600 pilot continuous infrared heat setting machine

The machine is applied to stoving,finalizing,resinning fishing bake, pad dyeing baking and fixation in dyeing test laboratory. HTR-600 Performance 1.Equipped with stainless steel grillage,adjustable longitude and latitude.In the process of...

Stepper Hybrid Non-Captive Linear Actuator 11AV102CX06-SB

Stepper Hybrid Non-Captive Linear Actuator 11AV102CX06-SB features:Motor Windings Options Available Custom Lead Screw Lengths Standard Drive Nut Option Unique Centering Bushing Option Nuts and Bushings Can Be Mounted On Either Front or Back of ...

Precision lead screw in lathe processing

Production and service: CNC machining parts CNC Turning Parts Precision parts processing Special materials CNC parts Precision mechanical Parts Parts assembly OEM/ODM Service Product design and prototypeMaterial: Aluminum , Carbon steel, Stainless ...

Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Machining Center(Hard rail) Feature: 1. The machine use computer CAD/CAM optimization design, structure of wide lathe bed and wide column, high quality Meehannite resin sand craft precision casting, many times artificial aging treatment,...

2T-40T Lead-screw Tank Rotator for Cylinder/Pipe

This series is lead-screw adjustable type. Our welding roller beds designed for maximum workpiece loads from 2T to 40T are used for the rotation and positioning of heavy, rotationally symmetrical workpieces like tanks, pipes or boilers for further ...

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300 Tons Motorised Lead Screw Adjustable Roller Beds

Tank turning rolls, welding equipment Conventional motorised lead screw adjustable welding rotator. The distance between two sides wheels is adjusted by motorised lead screw. The welding rotator can be used to weld., Polish and assemble etc. The .....

High quality of screw cap test tubes with cheaper prices

We are the leading glass test tubes ( including screw cap) manufacturer and exporter in China, supply high quality products with very competitive prices. We produce all sizes of glass test tubes ( including glass test tubes with screw plastic cap) .....
Date: Dec 31, 2016
Category: Chemicals | Test Tube

HGK lead screw adjustable welding rotators/welding turning roll/welding turning bed

Welding rotator includes the self-alignment, bolt adjustable, lead-screw adjustable type, anti drifting type etc. The self-alignment turning roll can be aligned by itself according to the size of the tank diameter the adjustable turning-roll can be .....

acme screw drive, acme screw driven linear actuator, acme lead screw efficiency

acme screw drive, acme screw driven linear actuator, acme lead screw efficiency has 11 models: 2.5kN cubic screw jack, 5kN cubic screw jack, 10kN cubic screw jack, 25kN cubic screw jack, 50kN cubic screw jack, 100kN cubic screw jack, 150kN cubic .....


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Shenzhen Anzhuoxin Hardware And Machinery Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Anzhuoxin Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which is a professional precision lead screw drive technology-oriented, independent research & development and production of electric putter and linear actuator. Company ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Shanghai DHH Screw Compressor Co.,Ltd

Shanghai DHH Screw Compressor Co., Ltd is a leading screw compressor manufacturer in Jiading District,Shanghai. We focus on the research & develop and manufacture of screw air compressors and related after-treatment equipment over 15 years ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Kyungwon Medical Co,.LTD.

Company Profile Kyungwon Medical Co.Ltd., is one of leading manufacturer and distributor in orthopedic spinal system and neurosurgical device business in Korea.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
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Shenzhen NDU Co.,Ltd

Declaration: In God We Trust!Products:gears, worm, chain wheel, pulley, cam, nut, lead screw, shaft coupling , guide rail, gear case, Advantage:Understand customs intent rapidly and control the quality exactly
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer

Suzhou Screw Technology Co., Ltd

Screwtech designs, manufactures, supplies a complete selection of inch and metric linear mechanical parts and systems to the Linear Motion and Power Transmission Industries.
Business Type: Manufacturer

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Screw and Nuts

Dear Sir/Madam, Please let me introduce our company. As Kobimar, we are the first e-commerce company in Turkey. We are professional export&import leading company. We are currently looking for SCREWS and NUTS. . We will buy 100-110 Mtons per.....
Kobimar E-Ticaret


Dear Sir We take this great opportunity to introduce our professional and experienced company to you. Mert Steel has been producing high quality, made in Europe, stainless steel cookware sets since 1976 and we are one of the world leading.....

CI & Bronze balancing valves.

We are leading importers in India for butterfly valves, Dual plate check valves. We are now looking for manufacturers of Balancing valves as under : 1. Bronze body balancing valves, Screwed ends. Size : 15 mm to 50 mm. 2. CI Body Balancing.....