Gold Grain 999.9 LBMA Certified

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We can offer ongoing suplly of gold grain, up to 500 kilo on a daily basis. 999.9 LBMA certified, please contact us for quote.


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Gold Dust 94% - Nugget & Bars 98.6% from Sierra Leone or Guinea. We deliver DAP buyer refinery. Seller requires POF - MT799 callable cash wire transfer to remain in buyer bank for 10 days value to be 1.5 times cost of gold Price LBMA less 16% .....
Albarco Trading
South Africa

Gold bars offer

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Gold bars (0, 999 or 0, 995 pure gold) - Istanbul - Quantity - 100 kg + - Pricing - 100 gr Bars LBMA am or pm fixing puls 3, 6%/ gr - 500 gr Bars LBMA am or pm fixing plus 2, 7%/ gr - 1000 gr .....

1,506kg Gold Bullion Bars Vault Switzerland

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We are offering for sale Julius Baer Bank Physical Gold Fund representing 1, 506kg Physical Gold Bullion Bars located in a Vault in Switzerland at a Discount of 10/ 8% LBMA second fixing.
AYM Corp
United States

gold investors

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we are gold buyers in east africa we seek investment from real buyers we can supply 50kg a week at LBMA less 15% investor will have 50% ownership of our company and assets refinery and we buy and export direct to investor. no cif cod, we are .....

AU metal Gold in bar form

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Dear Madam/ Sir, We can supply you with AU metal Gold in bar form. FOB Price: the second fixing LBMA Discount to Buyer: 12% Gross, 8% Net from the Price Quantity: 1, 000 kg per month If you are interested in this deal, please send an email. Best .....

Sell Gold bullion and Gold dust

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Dear All Buyer, We proud to offer good qaulity Gold bullion Original :Thailand, Hong Kong.Swizerland Purity:99.99 % Warehouse:Thailand Delivery:FOB, CIF Price:LBMA Minimum order :5 MT in Thailand, 5000 MT in Hongkong and swizerland TTM:as .....
International Commodity Co., Ltd.


Gold dore, bars and bullions

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Gold Dore 93% or better purity FOB Vancouver, BC, Canada 25% off LBMA average 2nd London Fix 5 previous trading days at date of delivery Receipt. Gold bars 999.5% - 999.9% purity 5kg to 12.5kg of various sizes 260mt available FOB Switzerland 2nd .....

Sale of Au Bullion Gold Bars

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Sale of Au metal Gold bars of purity 999.95 or better. GLD standard 1kg/ 12.5kg bars with Internationally accepted hallmarks at 5+3 discount on LBMA second fixing price in India. 8+4 for International CIF deliveries. Payment:SBLC/ BG/ POF via MT760, .....
KR Metals

gold bullion

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dear sir we are nexr mandate seller for gold bullion quantity : 20 mt price LBMA discount max 2.75% net 2% emplacement : dubay in bank procedure : suisse contact :hamdi tel : 0021620151495 e-mail : esperanceexport at hotmail dot com
Gold Dore Bars

Gold Dore Bars

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gold dore bar for sale by DLC, 100% CIF by seller cost. If you need/want to buy Gold dore bars we are direct to end seller/mandate, so we will be appreciated if we can direct contact with end buyer or his legal mandate. For more details here is our ...



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COMMODITY SPECIFICATIONS: COMMODITY: Gold Bars FORM: Gold bar before shipment The quantity will be 200 kg/Month for one year with a try shipment of 200kg The quality will be shipped from WEST AFRICA COUNTRY OF ORIGIN is as following: Carat : 22C Form ...
Au gold dust, bar

Au gold dust, bar

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FULL CORPERATE OFFER We are pleased to make the following FCO for the sale and purchase of our GOLD DUST/ DORE BAR we have legal ownership of. COMMODITY: .... Gold Dust/ Dore Bars PURITY/FINENESS: ..94% + QUALITY: ......24 Karat + MONTHLY SHIPMENT: ...
Gold Nuggets / Raw Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets / Raw Gold Nuggets

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Dear Purchasing Manager, We are direct supplier of gold Nuggets/raw gold. Specifications; Gold (Au) 96.20 % Iron (Fe) 0.02 % Copper (Cu) 0.25 % Silver (Ag) 2.74 % Others 0.04 % Carat: 22k Purity: +94% Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo Quantity: 5kg ...
AU Bullion Gold Bar

AU Bullion Gold Bar

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AU BUllion Gold Bar in 12.5kg form with 999.5 parts of gold per 1,000. International Hallmark/GLD. Min Qty 200MT with roll & extension at 2nd LBMA prior day price. FOB Hong Kong International Security Warehouse only.Procedure: TTM procedure in Hong ...

Tov Hazel Metallurgy B.V

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[Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer]
We prodruce, trade, analyze, process, transport, finance and deliver precious metals needed for investors, companies and banks worldwide. Tov Hazel focuses on providing products and services within the precious metals industry. The development of ...

All American Funding Group Inc

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[Exporter, Importer, Agent]
Trader of bullion/ dust in need of suppliers with long term contract capabilities. Must meet LBMA Good Delivery List and Monitoring guidelines.
United States

Buy LBMA Good Delivery Bullion

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We seek offers of Good Delivery bullion Gold bars on Swiss procedures. Buyer`s Swiss based attorney Office act as the mandate. Buy any qunatity of Good Delivery bullion registered with seller's bank through buyer's bank. Legitimate seller mandates .....


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We are buying Gold Dore Bar at LBMA LESS 10% CIF Dubai Airport. Payment is based upon smelting to 99.5% purity at Dubai Refinery. We do not make any payments in advance and, at these prices, we cannot provide any bank instruments. What we can .....
United States

Gold bars nuggets dust we buy

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We are buying with serious real sellers, Dubai I am European buyer can do 20 to 500kg per day, just deliver we assay and pay same day we use Brinks top carry from airport to refinery. We pay -12 to -15 LBMA pending quality and quantity 1 or 5 year .....


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We buy AU GOLD BARS / BULLION & PLATINUM , Please send us your signed and fresh dated unsanitized F.C.O. at sellers letterhead per e-mail attn : Mr. Herman Waeyen, with total quantity, discount gross & as net per LBMA 2nd fixing ( any discount less.....

Gold Bullion

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#1 We have 5 buyers out of Zrich Switzerland they will buy any LIFTABLE Gold Bullion in Europe as long as they can have a TTM in Zrich with the seller first .It can be a small amount 1-5 MT or larger . Swiss procedures preferred LBMA certified.....
United States