Buy yens and currencies

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We buy nkd , yens, euros, mtns, and bank guarantees fresh cut and seasoned, especially euroclear, proof of funds without problems.- SELLER'S CURRENCY:Sell New Kuwait Dinar (NKD) Edition 5, Printed in 1994 - Thomas De La Rue of the United Kingdom......

Buy Kuwait Dinnars OKD and NKD

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Want to buy any quantity of Kuwait Dinars OKD or NKD . For more information contact us . best regards Philippe Montulet Belgium .

Currency Requirements

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We are urgently looking for (with USD or EUR as buyer's currency): G7 CURRENCIES + 1. ZAR (SOUTH AFRICAN RAND) 2. JPY (JAPANESE YEN) ON A REGULAR BASIS 3. HUF (HUNGARIAN FORINT) 4. CZK (CZECH KORUNA) 5. KWD (KUWAIT DINAR) & NKD 5TH.....