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Potassium Superoxide/Potassium Dioxide/Potassium Peroxide(KO2)

Potassium Superoxide/Potassium Dioxide/Potassium Peroxide(KO2)

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Potassium superoxide is the chemical compound with the formula KO2. This rare salt of the superoxide ion is produced by burning molten potassium in pure oxygen. Potassium superoxide is used as an oxidizing agent in industrial chemistry, as a CO2 .....
sell firpic,bis(4,6-difluorophenylpyridinato-N,C2)picolinatoiridium

sell firpic,bis(4,6-difluorophenylpyridinato-N,C2)picolinatoiridium

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firpic Synonyms:bis(4, 6-difluorophenylpyridinato-N, C2)picolinatoiridium; bis[3, 5-difluoro-2-(2-pyridinyl-kN)phenyl-kC](2-pyridinecarboxylato-kN1, kO2)-Iridium Molecular Formula:C28H16F4IrN3O2 Molecular Weight:694.67 CAS:376367-93-0 Purity:99%
YES Gold

potassium superpxide(K2O4,KO2)

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we are shanghai holyland trading co., ltd in China, we supply potassium superoxide with good quality and low price, please contact us to know details.
Shanghai Holyland Trading Co., Ltd [China]
Chromium Picolinate, Chromium Polynicotinate

Chromium Picolinate, Chromium Polynicotinate

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Chromium Picolinate Synonyms:Chromium, tris(2-pyridinecarboxylato-kN1, kO2)- (9CI);Chromium, tris(picolinato)- (7CI, 8CI);2-Pyridinecarboxylic acid, chromium(3+) salt;Chromax;Chromium(3+) 2-pyridinecarboxylate;Chromium(III) trispicolinate;Picolinic .....

Potassium Sorbate

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Potassium Sorbate Name: Potassium Sorbate Granular CAS No.: 590-00-1 Chemical Formula: C6H7-KO2 Specification: FCC IV Packing: In 25kg cartons Functional use: Preservative Specifications Items Specifications Appearance:.....
Foodchem International Corporation [China]

Electrofused quarts

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Dear sirs: We are able to supply the electrofused quarts, as follows: SiO2:99.97% MIN Fe2O3:0.005% max Al2O3:0.05% MAX NaO:0.002% max KO2: 0.002% MAX SIZE:0-5 CM(or as requested or.....

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