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Ketamax HCL 500g/10ml

KETAMAX (Manufactured by Haji Medicine) Inj: 500mg/10ml, available in vial form. Hydro chlorides

Ketamax 10ml 500mg by Haji Medicine

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KETAMAX injectio

KETAMINE CALYPSOL (by Medimpex) Inj: 500mg/10ml, available in $ 07.50 USD Each Vail KETAMAX (by Haji Medicine) Inj: 500mg/10ml, available in $ 08.00 USD Each Vail


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Ketamax is a disassociate drug,it is an anesthetic mostly used by vetsIt usually comes as iquid in small pharmaceuticals bottles.Its odourless and tastelessIts an injectable liquidIts evaporated to form a powder